Bridget's True Story To Hope Analysis

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Bridget’s True Story to Hope: What does it feel like to walk miles for water? What does it feel like to go weeks without water? The world is changing right before our eyes and we can’t do anything about it. Or can we? Well, Bridget, from Kenya, Africa, believes we can. Bridget was born with both of her parents dying. Soon after her parents death she became an orphan and her community was struggling to find clean water and wasn’t sure if they’d be able to survive. This community needed a brave hero to save them. They needed hope, and that’s exactly what Bridget had. Bridget would always carry a green binder around with her and try to find places to “heal”. This green binder was symbol to show her hope to help others other than herself. Inside this binder were forms of logs, accounting logs. Not only did she help create businesses, but she was able to have the rest of the orphanage join in this cause. She is intelligent and motivated in her work and she created businesses without having the help of parents. Just a couple of years ago, in Kenya, Africa there was no water. But Bridget, still just only a teenager, helped bring light to her village that had nothing before. Her creations and activities brought a new era of hope. She showed that with hard work you really can achieve anything.…show more content…
Her inspirational story inspired the workers in the foundation which made them want to know Bridget and help her community. Now, Kenya, Africa is filled with water. Her powerful movement added the help of The Water Project, “She was hope. Not just hopeful. Bridget was hope” (Meet Bridget). Bridget and her community don’t have to worry about walking miles just to find contaminated water. They now are able to have fresh, clean water for everyone. This foundation not only provides water, but they also provide hope to thousands. Just like Bridget, everyone always has hope within

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