Advance Directive Pros And Cons

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“An advance directive(AD) is an expression of the client’s wishes about the kinds of treatment and care that he or she wants to receive if terminally ill or unable to make decisions about healthcare.” Textbook of Basic Nursing Caroline Bunker Posdahl, RN-BC, AlA, BSN, MA Mary T. Kowalski, RN, BA, BSN, MSN. An advance directive is also known as a living will, advance decision or and advance directive and is a legal document. (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia). This document was created in response to the increasing sophistication and prevalence of medical terminology. As Americans experienced the burdens and dwelling benefits of invasive and aggressive medical treatment in poor prognosis states, ways to avoid suffering and the high rise of costs that…show more content…
When an advance directive is provided to your attending physician, the document becomes effective, but only if you are competent, 18 years of age, and has to witnesses that saw you sign the document. However, you must have a consultation by an attending physician, and it must be determined that you have a terminal illness and are no longer able to make decisions regarding your life and the treatments required to sustain life. Thus, the attending physician has a right to accept or declined your written or verbal advance directive and it can be revoked at any

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