Importance Of Investment Management

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In accordance with the investment items of the company, the company has definite investment management measures and the rules for the meeting of the investment committee. The provisions of the investment management company: the highest decision-making body is the investment committee, the highest decision-making on investment matters, responsible for the company's investment plans, investment strategy, investment principles, investment objectives, asset allocation and investment access, investment details specific by the investment manager master. The investment management department of the company mainly includes investment department, research department and finance department. The investment department is responsible for investment selection…show more content…
In order to avoid the investment risk better, the enterprise must recognize the importance of management. First of all, enterprises must further deepen the reform of enterprises, keep pace with the pace of market development, and truly realize the separation of management rights, ownership and supervision. Through scientific supervision and decision-making, from top to bottom to promote the development of enterprise management methods and management capabilities. Secondly, enterprises should pay full attention to the investment risk management, corporate investment behavior and highly recognize the importance of the decision-making behavior, at the time of investment, to find out the investigation of the investment market, investment feasibility analysis and evaluation of financial assets, clear future investment can bring financial risk, the main risk factors to further reveal the investment market and the risk of investment grade, and to determine whether can through the decision-making and management have been proposed to deal with the risk of lower level risk prevention recommendations. The enterprise should strengthen internal supervision and control of investment decision-making, to further clarify the various management personnel of various departments within the company's job responsibilities, scientific planning and business process, avoid the
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