Commercial Bank Profitability Case Study

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Determinants of internal factors impacting on commercial bank profitability in Pakistan Introduction Financial sectors play a vital role in the economic development. In Pakistan the financial sectors includes commercial benks, development financial institutions (FDI), microfinance banks (MFBs), non banking finance companies (NBFCs) like as leasing companies , investment banks, discount house, housing finance companies, venture capital companies, mutual funds etc. and other modarabas, stock exchange and insurance companies. The supervisory responsibilities in case of banks, development finance institutions and micro finance banks under the prevalent legislative structure that falls within legal ambit of state bank of Pakistan while the rest…show more content…
To achieve this objective I have only used the internal factors or banks chararctertics in my study to check their impact on profitability of commercial banks. In this research my dependent variables is banks profitability or return on assets (ROA) and independent variables are cost efficiency, liquidity, capital adequacy, deposits and size of bank. So for this I will used regression analysis, descriptive analysis, correlation analysis and natural logarithm techniques in my…show more content…
Some studies were country specified and few of them considered panel of countries for rewiewing the determinants of profitability. The whole objective of these particular study is to determinants the impact of profitability for bank can be divided into two categories; internal and external factors. These studies specified the return on assests, return on equity and net interest margin as the dependent variables and considered the internal factors and the independent variables as external factors. The cost efficiency, liquidity, capital adequacy, deposits and size of the particulars as internal factors. The bourke study (1989), he found that there is a positive relationship between the capital adequacy and profitability. He explained that if the capital ratio of bank ios high then bank will be most profitable. Huizinga and demirguckunt conduct a more comprehensive study that examines the performance of banking sectors for 80 countries, both developed and developing, during the period 1988-1995. They illustrated the foreign banks are more profitable as compare domestic banks in the developing countries, while the opposite holds in developed countries. By the way, their overall results show support for the positive relationship in between the capital ratio and financial performance of the particular

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