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  • Entrepreneurship In Sri Lanka

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    cultural factors associate with effectiveness of female entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka. Research Background In a market economy, being a female entrepreneur means accepting the risks involved in selling either goods or services to make a profit. Entrepreneurs run their own business; pay taxes and either work alone

  • Self Confidence Conclusion

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    leaders are the fastest-growing segment of self-employed entrepreneurs. Also flexi working hours, work from home options are luring women towards entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is considered an important driver of economic development and growth in many economies. Apart from the general diversity in entrepreneurial practices, there appear to be significant differences in the characteristics of male and female entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs tend to own smaller businesses, operate with lower levels

  • Importance Of Young Entrepreneurship

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    Risk Takers Let us take an example of a student who has just graduated. This student wants to be an entrepreneur. He did graduation is computer and made his own app related to some games and believed that it would help him in earning money. He doesn’t wants a job rather he made his own app while some of his friends are doing job and earning money. He challenged himself and started working day and night for an update of that app. He invests some of his money in this app. The money he invested is

  • Importance Of Women Entrepreneurship

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    GENERATION NEXT OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS ABSTRACT: This study assumes significance to check the awareness of entrepreneurship among generation next of possible women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurship culture has not yet reached the wider mass and there are still certain issues that need to be solved. A structured questionnaire survey was circulated to judge the awareness and aspiration levels by using scale based, and opinion based questions among 117 college students in Mumbai to estimate

  • Ellen Degeneres: The Journey Of Entrepreneurship

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    ‘I’m so grateful that I struggled’ words of Ellen DeGeneres born on January the 26th 1958, an entrepreneur who hosts her own talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has an online shop, has set up her own recording studio ElevenEleven, not only does she have many physical enterprises. Her most valuable, successful enterprise is her ability to spread positivity, motivation, inspiration and how she instils values such as equality, compassion kindness and honesty into society. Ellen is well known for her

  • Leadership And Leadership Theory

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    exist by accountability The r-Entrepreneur must have created, and assembled his collective leaders together in the first place Collective leadership is not static Situation dependent; Different situations/problems will require different expertise which can be drawn from the r-Entrepreneur and his pool of collective leaders This applicability of the collective leadership framework is adopted by the r-Entrepreneur as well in the business setting. The r-Entrepreneur engages in a collective leadership

  • Impact Of Corporate Culture On Entrepreneurship

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    by utilizing a combination of resources, including finances and production factors. Entrepreneurs usually develop a startup organization by offering innovative products or services by acquiring angel investments or startup capital from private investors. Entrepreneurs identify and recognize the potential business opportunities in the economy and gather the resources required to develop a business. Entrepreneurs also identify the human resources, financial capital, and other production requirements

  • Entrepreneurship In India

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    SPSS tools are used in the current study to generate results for interpretation Keywords: Entrepreneur Ecosystem, India, Mexico, Comparative between India and Mexico INTRODUCTION: According to Researches entrrepreneurship

  • Importance Of Innovation In Entrepreneurship

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    vital part of our economy as there are many of them entering, sustaining and existing in the market. Without small businesses, our economy would not survive as the entrepreneur has been one of the biggest matter that helps to gain financial sources in the economy which allows the economy to stay afloat. To be more exact, entrepreneurs are the innovator that brings

  • Importance Of Economic Decision Making

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    Question 2 Economic models aid managers and economists to evaluate the economic decision-making process. Each of these models relies on a number of norms, or simple factors that are existing in all decision conditions. Virtually everybody in the world is involved in economic decision making at every point in time, from the wealthy people investing in real estate, to the small business proprietor signing a contract with a supplier and also the teen buying a new dress or applying for a job; and these