Importance Of Young Entrepreneurship

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Risk Takers Let us take an example of a student who has just graduated. This student wants to be an entrepreneur. He did graduation is computer and made his own app related to some games and believed that it would help him in earning money. He doesn’t wants a job rather he made his own app while some of his friends are doing job and earning money. He challenged himself and started working day and night for an update of that app. He invests some of his money in this app. The money he invested is the risk he is taking. He then makes a team of some of his friends. Some of his friends include the one who has majored in marketing while some of his include who did in accounting. The team is risking their time as well as money. If this team will…show more content…
As the Young Entrepreneurs are increasing day by day it gives a rise to the employment opportunities. The young entrepreneurs these days are developing new skills which no one could have thought. They are upgrading the technology and bringing new innovation ideas. As their ideas and skills are so responsive they don’t let any market change affect them. Benefits In today’s world the young entrepreneurs are so much innovative that they don’t let the economy spoil their profit. Because of these young entrepreneurs our economy is being increased and the world is developing. These days the young entrepreneurs doesn't only care for themselves butt also focuses on society their country and specially they are doing so much charity and making this world a noble place. These new entrepreneurs also promote employment. These new entrepreneurs through their new skills and innovative ideas are developing rural areas even. As we all know that the raw material comes from the rural areas and these raw materials are made in form of finished goods and sold in big cities but by the innovative ideas the enraptures are exporting these raw materials to different countries where the Supply of these Raw materials are…show more content…
The new entrepreneurs these days are becoming successful because they work restlessly. There is so much competition in today's world. The almost work 14 to 16 hours a day and take only few holidays. Their motivation is so strong. They often make someone who is really famous entrepreneur their idol. They measure the success they have to achieve and the success lies very far. There are three qualities which are attached to the success of these young entrepreneurs. These are a willingness to take personal responsibilities. The need for the consideration feedback and a desire to set moderate achievement goals. The young entrepreneurs are being motivated by the successful business they do. They are developing new ideas and satisfying their customers’ needs and setting up their business. They are totally the movers in the society. If we look into the past we see that the youth at that time was only focused on whether they will get jobs after completing graduation or not but the thinking nowadays is different. The ambition to achieve their goals is leading to form new entrepreneurs in the society. The way the young entrepreneurs are planning to make their business big is

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