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  • Creative Entrepreneurship

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    the world economy, it is also a highly transformative one in terms of income generation, job creation and export earnings”. This paper recognizes the power of the printing press as a tool for an entrepreneur, enabler and a driver of any successful economy. The need for us to have creative entrepreneurs, motivate them by engaging those who can invest and finance them led to my position of presenting a paper on “ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF A CREATIVE INDUSTRY: PRINTING PRESS”. Various

  • Importance Of An Entrepreneur's Time

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    The Entrepreneur’s Time. You may be asking, how an entrepreneur’s time is different from all the other people’s time. It is not. But, how an entrepreneur sees the value of time is what makes the difference. Without any doubt, time is one of the most valuable benefits that is offered to all of us. As entrepreneurs, it is of utmost importance that you find time’s value as it will lever how much money goes into your traffic, how your business will run, how wisely it is spent and distributed among your

  • The Importance Of Entrepreneurship And Innovation

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    creativity in entrepreneurship and innovation has been explained through cognitive processes, motivation, attitudes, existing knowledge, work environment and personality traits [4]. Engineering students appear to be very well suited to become entrepreneurs. In paper [5], authors have summarized data related to engineering students’ interest and involvement in entrepreneurship education, attitudes toward entrepreneurship as a career option, how this involvement relates to students' entrepreneurial

  • Entrepreneur Purpose

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    and proceed with my goal of becoming an Entrepreneur. As my age increased, I started to grab many ideas and concepts relating to business. The other factor which made me choose my career to be an entrepreneur was- during my 2nd year of under graduate; my University organized a workshop on Entrepreneurship, where the Director of my University gave an inspirational speech. These induce a spark and instilled confidence in me to take up the role of an entrepreneur in my own country. However, I have realized

  • Local Business Roles

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    Local businesses play an important role in any society. Not only do they create jobs for local workers, but also because they meet local needs and wants. Most local businesses are small, but however two thirds are owned and run by one person, nearly 90% employ less than six people. Those companies that survive over time provide economic stability for the owners, local businesses that create jobs for workers in addition to the owner offer even more economic stability. Economic roles are important

  • Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

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    Businessmen and businesswomen alike spend a number of hours each day computing financial data and devising strategies to help businesses succeed. In order for these men and women to be successful in their individual professions, they must be able to respond to situations quickly and intuitively. While this is an ideal skill for all businessmen to have, it is clear that some are able to analyze situations better than others. Unfortunately, there are businessmen who are considered naïve and are unable

  • Entrepreneur Vs Entrepreneurship

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    time. According to Schaper (2005), the common terms for entrepreneurs can be described as business opportunities created and seized by people which are also willing to take the risks of the implementation of their new ideas. Entrepreneurs are thought to be individuals with an ability to have creative thinking and are able to distinguish the risk of the new business, which withdraw from the conventional business thoughts and ideas. Entrepreneurs are the individuals who implement and develops new ideas

  • The Importance Of Being An Entrepreneurs

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    Entrepreneurs usually is someone who dare to take risks with very extreme level. This can be proven when they chose the path to becoming an entrepreneur, because it makes them full of challenges, problems and uncertainty in their life. Extreme risks taken would have to be measured properly, if not it will be a catastrophe in the future. As an entrepreneur, whether you are an extreme risk taker or someone who is reckless? I have bitter experience when I decided to get out of where I work before

  • Successful Entrepreneur Characteristics

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    things to establish. An entrepreneur is not a regular business man, an entrepreneur is a person who takes a want or a need that is available in the market and turn it into a good or a service of value. An entrepreneur must have a set of skills or abilities that enables him or her to take the risk and form a business out of nothing. (Merchand & Hermens, 2015) The ability to lead, inspire, manage, market, communicate, plan and persist are all characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. The main reason though

  • Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur

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    Ready to Become Entrepreneur There are many reasons to become entrepreneur it’s not just about being your own boss or getting to work from home. Becoming an Entrepreneur is great for so many reasons like turning an idea into reality, Job Security, Networking, Becoming an Expert, Recognition, Financial Independence, Change the World etc But I have also heard many excuses to not become an entrepreneur. It’s too risky, you might go into debt, and you’ll probably lose sleep, your social life etc But