Good Entrepreneurship: The Pursuit Of Success

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Anyone can be an entrepreneur. No matter their shape, size, race, religion, etc. and every single one has a different type of personality. “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled” (Schurenberg, 2012). When most hear the word entrepreneur the word risk first pops up, but it is not all about risk. In fact, most entrepreneurs do not want a whole lot of risk when it comes to partners, investors, and lenders for example, especially because most start out poor. Entrepreneurs, especially goods ones learn to make fast decisions and take all opportunities. ““They see an opportunity and don’t feel constrained from pursuing it because they lack resources,” says Stevenson. “They’re used to making…show more content…
Since change is inevitable, good entrepreneurs know how to adapt and embrace the change for their best. Good entrepreneurs know that they cannot run a business the same way for long periods of time. In order to be successful, they know that they need to keep up with change and reinvent their company. So good entrepreneurs are continuously innovating and paying attention to the future and what may affect their company. Another great quality that makes a good entrepreneur is knowing how to fail. This may seem simple, but it is critical. Failure is also most likely inevitable as well, so good entrepreneurs take that failure and learn from it and apply it to their business. They are good at failing and success at it by trying to fail the right way, which includes failing fast, failing forward, failing smart, failing cheap, and failing with integrity. Learning from these mistakes and growing is key to moving forward and reaching success again. All in all, in order to be a good entrepreneur one must believe they can make a difference (Kaplan, 2003). This is the key to success and with all these other qualities and time one will become a good…show more content…
Kaplan explains and goes on about the five critical skills that entrepreneurs need. These include leadership, communication, decision-making, being a good team player, and having the ability to telescope. When looking at my results and what Kaplan is talking about I can see how I do have a lot these skills and how I still have a lot of work left as well. I am a leader. I am able to “build consensus in the face of uncertainty” (Kaplan, 2003). I can push forward and get people working and heading in the right direction. I do need to work on doing this in more stressful situations however and taking that initiative in those situations, while also still letting others contribute. I am also a great listener, but I need to work on speaker up even more and making sure that what I do say is as clear as possible and professional. I can make decisions when I have to, but I need to work on making them quicker and taking action instead of taking time to really think them through in times of need. I do tend to make wise choices though and I am also a good team player. I am able to know when to trust others and am able to work well with others. Yes, I can work independently as well, but I also work well in team settings. When it comes to having the ability to telescope this I have down. I always focus on the details and then move back to the bigger picture

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