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  • Inclusive Growth Exclusion

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    Abstract-Inclusive growth is much needed to include common people into the orbit of development. Social and economic justice can be provided only with the inclusion of hitherto excluded deprived section of people. Lot of measures was undertaken by the Government of India and Reserve bank of India together to mitigate the problem of financial exclusion. It leads to particularly, development of all sections of people. To achieve this multi-model approach was adapted. Service Area approach, priority

  • Nehru India Case Study

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    Q1. What were the government policies and business environment in the Jawaharlal Nehru era post independence? Post Independence, India had to exacerbate the structural economic policies at the cost associated with the partition of British India. Jawaharlal Nehru was a firm believer that India needed a socialist model considering the condition of Indian economy, leading to technological revolution in India by maximizing the steep production. He proposed no taxation for the farmers, considered for

  • Colonialism In Indian English Literature

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    Most of the Indian English novels of recent times written by migrant writers have chosen materials for their art from contemporary Indian socio-cultural situations. They also undertake the exploration of the relationship between the East and the West. It has become a recurring theme in contemporary Indian English fiction because of the nature of the linguistic medium the novelist uses. Fictional reworking of mythology and history has given new significance and possibilities to the Indian English

  • Role Of Working Capital Management In India

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    INTRODUCTION Working capital management is typically seen as the managing the money. Working capital management is one of the business firms and it is an economic activity concerned with the production and sale of goods and services for the purpose of earning profit. Broadly defined, working capital management is a life and blood of a business firm. Working capital management concerned with problems that rise in attempting to manage current asset, current liabilities and the exist between them

  • Opium Case Study Solution

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    What is opium? Opium is the dried latex taken from the seed pods of the poppy plant. The color of this substance varies from yellow to a very dark brown depending on the type of the poppy plant. It also has an extremely bitter taste and unique odor, once you have smelled it you can recognize the odor anywhere. This substance contains approximately 12% morphine, an alkaloid that can be processed to produce many kinds of synthetic opioids for medicinal use, but it can also be used to produce illegal

  • Segway Ap Case Study

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    Q1 After Segway PT launched on 2001, the “Technological Marvel” failed to create the revolution and to be the new way for people in their own movements and the new generation of transportation and it ended up in police departments, tour groups, warehouse workers, mall security guards and airport maintenance staff. The expectations were that Segway PT would change the way cities been built with, to reach 1 billion dollars of sales faster than any another company and buy more than 500,000 units per

  • Argumentative Essay On Oprah

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    Oprah has been in the spotlight for over 30 years as a television personality and entrepreneur. She possesses the ability to empathize with and listen to people as they tell her their stories. This skill made her television show a phenomena, and it could serve her well as candidate for President. Oprah has clearly favored the Democratic party in the past. Her political financial contributions have exclusively gone to Democratic Party committees and candidates. And liberals in the media have shown

  • Citizen Kane's Impact In The Film

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    Citizen Kane ( Citizen Kane , 1941) (1), RKO production filmed in 1940, it was the first film directed by Orson Welles . That same year he had come to Hollywood, largely due to the impact caused by his legendary radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds by HG Wells, who had caused collective panic. With this transmission, Welles arrival to the world of cinema in very favorable conditions gained since the RKO offered a contract that guaranteed a level of really unprecedented in the film industry

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Foreign Direct Investment

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    ADVANTAGES OF FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT Foreign Direct Investment takes place for private gain but it has the following potential benefits for less developed countries like India. Raising the level of Investment Foreign investment can fill the gap between desired investment and locally mobilized savings. Local capital markets are often not well developed. Thus, they cannot meet the capital requirements for large investment projects. Besides, access to the hard currency needed to purchase investment

  • Sacred Space Bodywork Case Study

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    grew experienced before her business became self-sufficient. She built skills working in spas and chiropractic clinics, which also augmented the small amount of money coming in from clients in her own practice. Financial security deters many entrepreneurs, but it is entirely possible to have an additional, stable job as your new business develops. Once it has become self-sufficient, slowly branch out. Mz. Bergman not only specializes in pregnancy massage, but also teaches pregnancy massage to other