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  • Book Review: Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies

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    social entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world but is clueless on which part to start. If the book would be read the reader would learn how to have social responsibility in his business. Since the Triple Bottom line is present in businesses nowadays, the performance of an enterprise is not only measured through profit but also in the environmental and social impact of the enterprise. Just like a for-profit entrepreneur this would also need the passion of the social entrepreneur because

  • Business Viability Literature Review

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    Literature Review “Business Viability: A Comparison Between Franchises and Independent Business” by Lewis (2009) aims to investigate the advantages and disadvantages that are experienced by the entrepreneur as the owner of an independent small or medium enterprise, or franchise business and its environs. Business opportunities can mean different things to different people. While all franchise and independent businesses for sale are business opportunities, not all business opportunities meet the requirements

  • Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

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    successful entrepreneurs who are audacious male or female who have the capability to lead, manage and take everything into consideration. Those people are very hardworking, creative and because of their success they are getting high respect in the society. It has to be looked that during the colonial era of the nation, only a few people could boast of personal or family finance to commence any real business and with

  • Social Entrepreneurship Summary

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    tried to address a broad range of questions and point the way for further exploration. The result reflects their biases, which include shared exposures to the field of microfinance in Bangladesh and to the work of Ashoka and hundreds of social entrepreneurs in its fellowship. From the authors’ vantage point, they have exerted a dominant influence on the global field of social entrepreneurship. Others may place emphasis elsewhere. The book is divided in three main parts: Defining Social Entrepreneurship

  • Culture Fit Case Study

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    effectiveness as well as motivation while the other is that this challenge is about integrating differing, often conflicting stakeholder interests inside and outside of the organization. Balancing responsibilities and focusing, whats unique about social entrepreneurs is that they go far beyond their duties as leaders and managers of a single organization to achieve their mission. They also sometimes relentlessly advocate for their cause on any suitable occasion to achieve broader systematic change. Often, when

  • History Of Entrepreneurship

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    research. An entrepreneur in simple words is defined as a person who starts something of his own with certain personality traits associated like passionate, perseverant, and enthusiastic and get goer. An entrepreneur is sometimes called the force which drives social and economic progress. Most of the people have this misconception that entrepreneurs are born and not made. But we have many examples which shows how many hardships have people faced before becoming a successful entrepreneur. We have entrepreneurs

  • The Importance Of Business Growth

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    Companies should not grow for growth’s sake but have a more realistic view of growth. It is essential for an entrepreneur to understand that if growth does not have a coherent plan and budget to match the plan, it can undermine the fundamental strengths of a business. In fact, research has shown that, in some circumstances, excessive growth can kill a business. Getting

  • The Importance Of Entrepreneurship

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    While we are thinking of entrepreneurship, some factors should be within us. One should have a dream to become entrepreneur. Apart from managerial skills some typical qualities viz. inner drive to success, decision making ability , risk taking , drive towards innovations , mentality of continuous learning etc. should be obvious (santhi,2011). In India, the path of becoming entrepreneur is also a challenge today.Family pattern may be one of the reason of obstacle. Son’s occupation is followed by father’s

  • Comfort In Your Home Case Study

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    Inadequate technology barrier Despite the considerable advancements in technology and communication technology (Huq, 2009), there was a lack of knowledge in this area. Most marketing, communications, and business processes are done through the use of technology. Pan Pacific Interiors faced this issue head on. The strategy involved educating their staff on the use of CRM (customer relationship management) software; this allowed the company to engage their clients in a way they had not been able to

  • J. Gregory Dees's Impact On Social Entrepreneurship

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    social entrepreneurship is much larger than my original discernment. Social entrepreneurs are very similar to business entrepreneurs, they are people or organizations who use leadership and business skills to drive social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment, and enterprise development. According to the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurs build strong and sustainable organizations, which are either set up as leveraged