The Importance Of Entrepreneurship Development

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Introduction The point of this literature review is to make individuals mindful and to make them understand how Sustainable design can help and give a constructive and positive effects on individuals' lives. The promotion of entrepreneurship is a possible source of job creation. This literature review will consist of an analysis where I will be talking about the unemployed youth and how they can use sustainable design to help get them an income and create job creation. This research will be local and will then be compared with an international article. All the articles will be based on the statistics and information gathered in South Africa. The information gathered are all from successful authors who talk about the impact and reasons for unemployment…show more content…
Rather than paying such a great amount for power or force they find themselves able to utilize the sun for the same reason and this could be much less expensive. By utilizing this sort of asset we attempt to guarantee a more secure and more reasonable society. Entrepreneurship development is mainly used as a key driver of youth development and employment creation. By implementing this in our country we need more institutions that will accommodate anyone who is willing to go the extra mile for the needed skills to earn an income. NGO’s are also needed to provide these training sessions for the youth so that they are able to take on job opportunities. This could be good for our country, as it will have a positive impact on the economic growth. 2.4 Theoretical underpinning The unemployment rate has always been a big worry for South Africa. The problem seems to be coming from the big mismatch between the skills demand and skills applied by the labour force seeking work (Yu, 2012). Companies have a high demand for employees who are qualified and who have the proper skills and experience. The unemployment rate is much higher amongst youths than the older workforce (Yu, 2012). Youths are more likely to be retrenched due to their lack of…show more content…
She says in South Africa entrepreneurs are seen as being essential to help pull our country out of the downward unemployment and economical spiral. The need to want to protect our planet and all eco-logical resources is a human goal. Sustainable development is a main item on people’s agendas. This has created an opportunity for the rise of sustainability-driven entrepreneurs. Sustainability-driven entrepreneurs refers to individuals that engage in market-based commercial happenings and takes on challenging social and environmental issues that would result to a better and sustainable future. Because of South Africa’s weak ecosystem it is very likely that sustainable-driven entrepreneurs will experience a lot of challenges such as profit-driven entrepreneurs who are more focused on making a profit than of saving our environment. “The perception is that the government is single minded in what it wants from entrepreneurs, being job-creation” (Bergh, 2014). Government plays a big role in entrepreneurs failing. Government do not take these people serious when they start up their business. There is a low demand for entrepreneurs to deliver value. This is because of the lack of educated awareness in schools. Entrepreneurs who make a living or those who play a role in society (Bergh, 2014) Many entrepreneurs are being overlooked and are not being acknowledged. The youth of

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