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Neiman Marcus is a luxury department store operator that sells women's and men's apparel, accessories, jewelry and dinnerware. The company operates two Bergdorf Goodman locations in Manhattan, as well as Neiman Marcus Direct, a catalog and online outlet. Also, Horchow, a home accessories merchant. The company started in Dallas in 1907. They launched their first store outside of Texas in 1971. Private equity groups Texas Pacific and Warburg Pincus acquired the company in October 2005. In October 2013, the owners sold Neiman Marcus to a group led by Ares Management and a Canadian pension plan in a deal worth $6 billion. The company filed for an I.P.O. in August 2015. ( The founders of Neiman Marcus aimed high. The original store was…show more content…
L. Neiman were entrepreneurs. Herbert decided to involve his sister Carrie because of her career background. She began her career in fashion and merchandising by working as a saleswoman for $10 a week at A. Harris & Company. While working on the sales floor, Carrie quickly acquired the skills of personal attention and style coordination when addressing the needs of her customers, helping her to build a strong clientele in Dallas and a reputation for fashion knowledge and expertise, that will help her while building Neiman Marcus’s clientele. Carrie’s supervisors noted her developing skills in fashion and promoted her from sales to a position as a blouse buyer. This allowed Carrie to further her fashion and customer service skills. ( They needed someone that had the people to support their company and build their business. They were willing to take risks as well. Although many small-business owners possess the same drive, creative energy, and desire to succeed, what makes entrepreneurs different is that one of their major goals is expansion and growth. Entrepreneurs also differ from managers because they are willing to assume risk. Whether it’s financial, social, or career risks, entrepreneurs put their companies at risk. Neiman and Marcus returned to Dallas in 1907, and made it their mission to open a store that sold the finest women's clothing money could buy. The store was

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