Successful Entrepreneur Characteristics

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Entrepreneurship is the act of developing an idea into a profitable business. It might sound easy and doable, but in fact it is one of the hardest things to establish. An entrepreneur is not a regular business man, an entrepreneur is a person who takes a want or a need that is available in the market and turn it into a good or a service of value. An entrepreneur must have a set of skills or abilities that enables him or her to take the risk and form a business out of nothing. (Merchand & Hermens, 2015) The ability to lead, inspire, manage, market, communicate, plan and persist are all characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. The main reason though behind any entrepreneur’s success is being driven by passion. Most of the successful entrepreneurs…show more content…
As I previously mentioned I am a great procrastinator, I leave my work to the last minute to finish. I have the shortest attention span anyone could ever have. I have previously mentioned that I am determined while achieving what I want. But I have yet to mention the time span I take to get my work done. Work that takes two hours to finish can take up to ten hours with me, just for the simple fact that I get distracted by anything that comes my way. These two weaknesses would make a horrible entrepreneur, since things change in matter of seconds in the business world; procrastination and having a short attention span can greatly affect a business. In order for me to improve this weakness point of mine, I need to learn how to manage my time properly. For example set a schedule to finish tasks and strictly abide by it. Another weakness that have is that I get emotional very easily. An entrepreneur should be subjective while dealing with people in order to get work done. I deal with things with more sensitivity that people usually should. This weakness could hinder the progress of achieving a goal since I might get offended by the silliest comment or behavior and therefore I would have trouble dealing with people I am obliged to work with while establishing a business. Sensitivity in my opinion, is a weakness that is hard to fix without psychological therapy. Another aspect of entrepreneurs that I lack is the ability to take decisions quickly while handling the risks accompanying this decision. It takes a very resilient personality to put up with the possibility of failing and losing all the time, effort and money invested in a project. I am capable of taking a decision, but that usually follows lots of overthinking and hesitations and measuring the pros and cons of a situation. Studying a situation carefully is a must, but taking too much time to take a decision would not
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