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  • Personal Narrative: My Writing Process

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    First draft My writing process is naïve in my opinion because I tempt to do a lot of grammar mistakes while I’m writing any paper. Although I am capable of writing a good paper I always need someone to go in and revise my paper to find any grammar mistakes. My problem area throughout my writing process has always been grammar; I do not show any type of strength in that area while I’m strong in others throughout the writing process. This could easily be improved by spending more time revising the

  • Reflective Essay: Exploring The Writing Process

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    be. I feel there are too many rules associated with writing that makes it more complicated than it has to be. To overcome that, I just write to get it all out on paper then deal with the rest later on. In order for me to write an effective paper or essay or even a post on a forum such as this, I need to have quiet time where I can focus on what I want to say, then start writing, as I am writing I get into a flow where it seems as if the words just naturally flow onto the paper.

  • Importance Of Being An American Essay

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    people around the world who have a different interruption about being an American and things that represent America. I found this out by reading articles and reading different stories about how people move to America for their own reasons. So in this essay I will talk about the different meanings that people have about being an American. I will also talk about what is the best representation of an American, what the American voice is to me and what being an American is to me and others whose articles

  • Tatiana Adjeare's Review

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    her obvious thoughtful reflection on the unity and cohesion of my paper, word usage, and critiques of my transitions. Tatiana made sure she stressed the importance of unity and cohesion to me. She precisely communicated to me at which points in my essay she thought I was going on a tangent or that the flow of my paper was off. This was very helpful once I revised my paper. She additionally helped me with word usage and choice, noticing that I could be repetitive at times. She urged me to change this

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Vietnam

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    Journal #2 How this essay (Prose) relates to me is Kevin Nguyen This essay relates to me when I went to Vietnam for the first time with my family and cousin. I was really excited that we were going on a vacation to visit my parent's homeland and relatives for the first time. I was around twelve years old and did not know much about the country. The few things I heard from people and friends was Vietnam is a beautiful country and some part is dirty. Once we arrived, stepping out the plane the

  • Student Literacy Analysis

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    As a mature age student it has been over a decade since I have studied literacy or had to write for academic submission, so I wasn’t expecting to do very well. When submitting my writing sample to various literacy analysis websites, such as Paper Rater (, I was p¬¬¬¬leasantly surprised by the positive feedback I received. I also compared my writing sample against the information found within my textbooks, and while I was utilizing a lot of the rules and concepts found within

  • Kunduz By Talibans: A Critical Analysis

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    The article I read that was associated with the SSR book I am reading in class will be talking about the recent takeover of the city Kunduz by the talibans. In this essay I will be answering a series of questions in paragraph form. These questions are who is the article about, who is being impacted, who is it about, what’s the big issue, when did the event take place, where is the event/issue occurring, why is it an important story, is it bias in any way, how does it relate to topics in our English

  • Object Lessons

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    I am very happy that you have read my essay called the Object Lessons. I write this letter to you in order to break down any barriers that strongly stand between you and I about my essay. Although it may seem confusing, I promise that after you read my letter, you will have a better understanding of my work. Before I begin writing my essay, I ponder over what object should I choose. It is a very difficult decision; it takes me three days to choose from many things that are in my daily possession

  • Feminism American Cinema Analysis

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    on the main aspects that pertain to my essay topic; outlining in detail the media’s traditional portrayal of gender in both film and television, the male gaze as seen in film, the sense of purpose and political debate behind feminist film-making and the dominance of the male power structure within a patriarchal society. In this text, Jill Nelmes doesn’t touch upon any one film as such, in a more broader case-study sense, that I could potentially focus my essay on. But what is quite potentially useful

  • Eldridge Cleaver Soul On Self Analysis

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    A good part of old Korean literature is composed of texts written by aristocrats while their exile. Though their subjects vary from admiration of nature to public servant ethics, they all convey the deepest thoughts the writers had during banishment. It was in a similar context that Eldridge Cleaver said, "That is why I started to write. To save myself" (15). The citation appeared in Soul on Ice, a book finished while he was incarcerated. The motives of writing are usually seen as transmitting ideas