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  • Argumentative Essay On Facebook

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    What is Facebook? Facebook is a social networking website. It allows anyone and everyone to upload photos, videos, send messages and keep in contact with family or friends all over the world. It also allows you to have your own status and profile and to control the people that “you” follow and that follow “you”. ( The dangers of Facebook: One of the major concerns of Facebook is that you are sharing your profile with people you don’t even know. Dangers may include: scammers which create

  • Argumentative Essay On Oprah

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    Oprah has been in the spotlight for over 30 years as a television personality and entrepreneur. She possesses the ability to empathize with and listen to people as they tell her their stories. This skill made her television show a phenomena, and it could serve her well as candidate for President. Oprah has clearly favored the Democratic party in the past. Her political financial contributions have exclusively gone to Democratic Party committees and candidates. And liberals in the media have shown

  • Argumentative Essay On Obesity

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    OVERWEIGHT AND OBESITY As a woman dealing with overweight my whole life I had experience some of the consequences mostly psychological that have affected mi life in a negative way. Overweight and Obesity are conditions affecting millions of people in America and around the world; now considers by experts as a diseased that doesn’t discriminated starting from little kids till older adults, and can cause a lot of physical and psychological problems to the people who have it. A person is consider

  • Argumentative Essay On LGBT

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    LGBT RIGHTS Overview: LGBT refers to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community. Over the years, LGBT people have been gaining more and more limelight and is a favourite discussion topics in debate and literature. In spite of this, many societies including Singapore still do not condone LGBT rights. Although the government allows such campaigns and organisations, they still remain fairly conservative. Perspective : SG Citizens When talking about the perspectives of Singaporean citizens

  • Argumentative Essay On Milk

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    Do you ever sit and wonder where the milk in your bowl of cereal has come from? “The supermarket” may be many children’s answers. For us, milk is easily accessible, just pop to the shop and pick up a carton. However, the milk you are consuming in your cup of tea whilst sitting back enjoying the TV, has come a long way through a lengthy process. Do cows not just produce milk which ends up in our shops, all hunky dory for us to buy? Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you that, that’s not the case. More

  • Argumentative Essay On Race

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    Slide 1 Race is a tough thing to grasp the concept of. Race is described “ as a social construct or a social phenomenon that was invented by human beings and is shaped by social forces present in the time and place of creation” (P.244) Many struggle to precisely define what race is and if it has always been part of the human experience or if people created it. Ann Morning describes experiences she had with different professors who all questioned her race and came to different conclusions about

  • Argumentative Essay On Marriage

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    The name of month December and January should be changed to shaadiember and marriagary. You can see marriage halls occupied and rishtaa aunties in their full swing. Even your social media websites and applications are occupied with marriage stuff. No matter your Instagram, Facebook newsfeed or Snapchat stories. The most trending thing is marriage. It’s time to realize getting married is not a goal or a dream. Let’s see how we will prove it Tick Tock The culture or society in which we are living

  • Argumentative Essay On Voluntourism

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    Every year, thousands of students from across the states travel to underdeveloped countries to have fun, make memories, and take pictures. Along with these visits many students decide that they want to do some good in the country that they are visiting. This concept is widely known as Voluntourism. In theory this is great, helping others that need it most while enjoying yourself and relaxing. A “Win Win”, but is this such a great idea when this “helping” ultimately does more damage than good? What

  • Argumentative Essay On Negatives

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    There exists as many views and approaches as the world population today. Arguably, even a newly born baby has a view that makes immediate people around it respond in a peculiar way to its demands. It is not universal to all newly born babies. The question that comes to mind then is how our views help us to our best advantage to optimally enhance our lives as individuals? We experience an infinite number of deaths and re-births as we progress through our lives. We are babies at every stage of our

  • Argumentative Essay On Refugees

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    I [Edison] is the promoter of this petition PETITION To the members of the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany. We the undersigned appeal that the German government should further restrict the number of the asylum immigrants. According to a recent report, more and more migrants have arrived in Germany, adding pressure to the current asylum centers. Fights have already taken place in the asylum centers between people of different ethnic or religious groups. Most of those trouble makers