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  • Argumentative Essay On Polar Bears

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    There are people in the world that make efforts to save the environment, but their efforts aren’t enough to solve this global issue. Due to these problems around the world, animals are being affected. Animals are becoming endangered and are causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. One of these endangered animals is the Polar Bear. The Polar Bear is the biggest and the only white-furred bear known; it lives on the coast of the Arctic Circle and inwards being primarily harmed by humans, but there are

  • Argumentative Essay On The Death Penalty

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    The Death Penalty “It's just really tragic that after all the horrors of the last 1,000 years, we can't leave behind something as primitive as government sponsored execution.” (Russ Feingold) The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is still used as a means of state punishment in many nations. However, due to its barbarity, ineffectiveness, and high fiscal costs, the capital punishment should not be practised in modern societies. Firstly, the death penalty violates human beings’ right

  • Argumentative Essay On Gene Therapy

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    Gene therapy is an evolving field of science. It consists of replacing a faulty gene (that will produce a malformed protein or no protein at all) with a new, ‘fixed’ gene. This treatment only needs to be done once, after which the body naturally reproduces the ‘fixed’ cell (containing the ‘fixed’ gene) which will cure or greatly improve the circumstances of the genetic disorder. The faulty gene still remains within the body, so the disorder might not end up being completely cured, though the circumstances

  • Argumentative Essay On Standardized Testing

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    Standardized Testing Standardized testing has been around for decades. The No Child Left Behind Act says “Students must be tested annually in reading and math in grades 3 through 8 and at least once in grades 10 through 12” (GreatSchools Staff | March 8, 2016 Print article 2016) . Around the time of testing students feel pressured and tend to stress themselves out. This form of testing should be replaced with another assessment because of scores on this test, students have been held back from the

  • Argumentative Essay On The American Dream

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    The American dream…? As far we can remember the American has played an important role in many lives. Whether we believe in it or not, the fact is that many people bought into that dream and took the risk to fly there and achieve the so-called American dream. But before we proceed any further, we may start off with a wide general understanding of what the American dream is. It is simply the ability to obtain a high standard of living conditions in terms of education, housing, a vehicle for every

  • Argumentative Essay On Animal Cloning

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    If you were given the choice to grant an animal eternal life would you? Animal cloning first made its appearance in 1885 when a man named Hans Adolf Eduard Driesch showed that by shaking sea urchin embryos you could separate the cells and each would become fully formed urchins. Since then animal cloning has been a popular subject among scientists and dozens of experiments have been performed. Some people argue that animal cloning is beneficial because it might help to revive extinct species and improve

  • Argumentative Essay On Raw Food

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    Is Raw Diet Better? Zhang Yushan 3035087069 Introduction The raw foods movement has been going on for quite a while. Proponents believe that food is better eaten in its natural unprepared state, with all the enzymes intact. They believe cooking "kills" the food. It obliterates essential vitamins and enzymes that enhance vitality. So why have we cooked food for thousands of years? Is it a mistake? This poster will try to find out whether raw diet is really better for human. About Raw Diet Raw food

  • Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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    “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself” was stated by Bob Marley, a famous musical artist. This quote means that when you smoke the marijuana it shows you who you really are and in a way the world really opens your eyes. Medical marijuana is a good treatment to help people with severe illness such insomnia and AIDS. Children with incurable diseases can benefit from this medicine, because it helps relieve all different kinds of pains in your body. Marijuana has also been legalized in

  • Argumentative Essay On Credit Cards

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    Having a charge card is a common phenomenon for modern people. Banks promote their application programs of credit cards on commercials every day with slogans like, “Dreams Come True,” or “Give Yourself a Chance to Success.” Paying things by credit cards is convenient, because you do not have to bring cash with you. Besides, credit cards are easy to apply for. The little plastic thing would not cause serious social issues if a complete system is built. However, I do not agree with this kind of paying

  • Argumentative Essay On Minimum Wage

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    Worth Our While Minimum wage has been a major debate for many years now. This issue has become more and more important because more people are going into poverty because of this wage and every politician seeks to find the solution. The main point people are trying to make consist of asking if minimum wage is a living wage. A living wage is “an amount of money you are paid for a job that is large enough to provide you with the basic things (such as food and shelter) needed to live an acceptable