Similarities Between Equilibrium And Animal Farm

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The Purpose of my essay is to describe at least one important theme within the text. In this essay I will compare Wimmer’s movie, Equilibrium, with Orwell’s production of Animal Farm. I will find similarities and themes within the texts, then give examples from within the texts to show the themes. Equilibrium is a movie written by Kurt Wimmer, an American born Producer and Director. Wimmer wrote the script for, and directed the movie Equilibrium. Equilibrium is a movie based in the future, just after the end of WWIII in Liberia, a dystopian city-state. To prevent any future war, the government decides to make a change. They come up with an injection that has to be taken at certain intervals, the drug they used was named ‘Prozium,’ this prevents…show more content…
Preston has two children, one boy and one girl. He tells them to stop injecting themselves with the Prozium injection, he too does the same. During the movie, Preston has to arrest a woman, but when he sees what she is hiding behind her wall, he is intrigued and slowly begins to fall in love with her. He has not felt attracted to anyone since his wife had been killed by the Government. The woman he had just arrested gave him a ribbon while in questioning. He tries to save her but is sadly forced to send her to be burned alive. All the incidents in his life since the end of WWIII have led up to this one mission he has decided to take on. He wants to take over the Government and give everyone the right of freedom. Standing up to the Government was not easy, Preston gave up so much of his time trying to blend in while doing what he needed to do. Not taking the injections made concentrating at work hard. Every time he was called out to dispose of somebody or something it hurt him inside and made him angry. Eventually, after much trial and error, he kills the head of government and discovers their big

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