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To successfully write an argumentative paper the author must choose a topic they are passionate about, and then write evidence that convinces the reader to side with them, lastly restate why their issue is important. When writing an argumentative paper one must feel strongly for their topic, or the paper will be boring and hard to write. There are many steps into writing an argumentative paper to ensure the reader understands the writers point of view. In an argumentative paper, there are four sections that are used to convince the reader of the author’s point of view. The first section, the intro; the second section, developing your argument; the third section, refuting opponent’s arguments; the fourth section, the conclusion. These steps will help make the paper even stronger and make the topic sound the most convincing. Argumentative papers are different from other types of papers for several reasons. In an argumentative paper there should be a hook to grab the readers attention. Next, add some background information so the reader knows some beginning knowledge of the topic before starting the paper. Finally, the thesis will go at the end of the introduction paragraph, instead of the beginning like a research paper. This formally will help to set up your paper to get your point across.…show more content…
A claim should support your argument. For every claim there needs to be provided supporting evidence to back up the claim given. When picking out the claims think about “what is the issue at hand?”, “who cares?”, “where is this issue prevalent?”, and “why is it important?”. Considering these questions will help to pick claims that support the topic and relate to the reader. Also, state the opposing view and offer rebuttal. Once the writer have stated their view, use hard evidence to refute their point with a refutation full of hard

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