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  • Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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    Animal testing is a setback on a healthy future. We test chemicals that we use every day on animals. It’s surprising; we do this so often without thinking twice. Imagine if a giant that we have no power against tested on us. We’d rally and protest and do anything to get our way. Just because animals don’t organize huge rallies against our actions, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain. By now you’re probably wondering, Hasn't anybody done anything about this? We get mad at the slightest of things

  • Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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    Beauty pageants for children affect them socially. Children are taught how to pose, blow a kiss, and wink for the judges. For instance, in one of the episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras a 'reality' television show that depicts contests of that sort, not only have the ability to put a spotlight on the lives of the participants and portray them in the most inappropriate ways and circumstances (Wolfe, 2012). A three-year-old girl was dressed up to look like a prostitute. By doing this, parents are not only

  • Argumentative Essay On Smoking Kills

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    Cody Strzyzykowski October 5, 2015 ENC1102; Editorial Essay Professor Robitaille Smoking Kills In today’s society there are many people who both smoke and or vape. The research that has been done has shown us that in a short time period vaping is much healthier than smoking. The big debate though is more about the unknown long term effects, most people that smoke say that they would rather stay with the known dangers instead of the unknown dangers, this is mostly because of the vaping fad looking

  • Argumentative Essay On Child Soldiers

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    It is almost impossible for people to image children as war soldiers,but it is going on all over the world. In third world countries there are children being forced into the army and are treated horrible while in it, these kids are taken from their homes and are forced to commit crimes almost unthinkable. But these kids are unwillingily forced to do it, they are victims, they are beaten, treated like nothing and have no choice but to live this life. Child soldiers should be given amnesty because

  • Argumentative Essay On Decriminalization Of Marijuana

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    Twanasia Heyward Ms.Laskowski English 3 Honors 03/01/2018 In Today’s World one of the growing debates is the legalization of Marijuana. Nowadays people use “Weed” for many different purposes. Whether it be for medical or even recreational weed has became apart of this world . The Government in the USA keeps fighting this “natural product “and destroying lives on account of this drug . Legalizing Marijuana could save the Government money , increase tax production , Be used for medicaion purposes

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence

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    The NRA has also tried to argue that the issue of guns to cultural aspects of family structure by blaming the “decline in family values” for mass shooters becoming radicalized. The term “family values” has also become a stand-in for a host of socially conservative beliefs about gender and marriage, which are espoused by the religious right. It is true in the case of the Parkland shooter that foster parents raised him. However, this was because his mother died of pneumonia when he was young. Consequentially

  • Argumentative Essay On School Shooting

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    Introduction The safety of students has been impaired. Individuals come onto a supposedly “safe” learning environment and violate the safety of students. School shooters tend to mention their plans to others; thus, giving an opportunity for others to intervene in their plans. Although these murderers do speak up, they are not taken seriously. They normally, fail to obtain the attention needed because they have spoken of those “crazy” things beforehand but never followed through. Not until it

  • Argumentative Essay On Killing Animals

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    people think what are reasons for this acting? These acting are a bad behavior and cruelty. The important thing is human who killed those animals. There are many positive aspects about killing animal but there are also some negative aspects. Thus this essay discusses both side of issue. On the one hand, some people are favorable for killing animals. It has many opinions why they have accepted. Their reasons with cruelty make them get many benefits such as nutrient, knowledge, safety, prevention, and

  • Argumentative Essay About Bullying

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    What is bullying? Bullying is the action of picking on other’s authority, joy, anger, or even depression. Bullying is not limited to discriminating others, but it includes physical abuse like punching, kicking, taking others’ things, and giving out threats. The bullying that is being shown in movies, TV series, in entertainment and books do not represent the actual meaning of bullying. A couple of examples of bullies are Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter book series, and Regina George from the movie

  • Argumentative Essay On Child Marriage

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    Child marriage is defined as the marriage of a child under 18 years of age (AlAmodi, 2013, p. 1979). In Yemen, which is one of the world’s most conservative countries, where a strict interpretations of Islam dictates people’s lives, child marriage is a serious troubling issue (Nour, 2009, Para. 1). Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world. Following the Spring of 2011 it has been left with a disturbing power vacuum. It's arid, filled with high rate of illiteracy and paralyzed by ancient traditions