Golden Age Of Magic

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In the visual essay “now you see it” the author informs the reader about the golden age of magic and its impact of spiritualism during that time period. As well as talk about which great magician were for being known as other worldly beings and which ones were not. This visual essay is effective because it appeals to the readers emotions as well as inform them. The color scheme works for these images because they complement each other. There are a lot of cool colors to match with the warms, which helps bring out the detail in the posters. It’s also forces the reader to pay attention to more than one area of the image at a time so it is very effective in capturing the audience. The color choices also aid in the appeal to your emotions because of how they’re used with other elements of this image.…show more content…
This is important to take note of because it gives the reader visual representation of how some people felt during this time period, as well as create a curiosity among the observers. Which makes this technique effective in appealing to the emotions as well as informing the reader. The use of angles in these images were moderately effective. Most of the magicians are dead center of the poster which would make the images boring to look at, but luckily other elements within the photo do a great job at keeping the reader interested. For example simplicity is good when used correctly and these images do a great job at utilizing that concept. By doing so the images are able to keep one main concept per image which is good because it spreads information throughout the

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