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Critical Summary: “The Makers Eye’s” In this short story, the author Donald M. Murray gives a synopsis on how to write drafts successfully and also how driven writers should and shouldn’t feel about their writings. Murray explains to readers on what to look for when writing a draft. In drafts, writers have to be able to provide information so that it is readable for readers. Writers have to have specific information so that readers can get carried to the meaning. The audience has to anticipate the questions and answers’; meaning the form of the draft has to be appropriate. Writing is built on framework; writers have to take the time out to focus on the structure and development of their draft. Readers should be given enough information to where they are satisfied. The writing process has to have a balance of positive and negative, it is highly important to consider questions of dimension. Finally, writers should listen to their voice. A good piece of writing is marked by a good consistent voice. Yes, writers will be overly critical, they will be very suspicious of criticism, and…show more content…
Some writers should take a moment to outline what they would like to write, because they should not over analyze their piece. Confidence is what will carry good stories, poems, or lyrics. Rome was not built over night, but patience is a necessity in writing. Based on experiences, writing never came easy. Students are not as headstrong as professional writers, or writers who actually want a career. It is easier to say what needs to be said out of a mouth, not a paper. There are just more outspoken people in the world, than writers. If writers or regular people are passionate about what they are writing about then their writing should be a success. Criticism is what makes writers feel that their work will not be seen as

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