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  • Argumentative Essay: The New Ford Raptor

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    The previous version of the Raptor was one of the craziest trucks that were available at a dealer. However, although it was very good, it had disadvantages, but Ford looks to everything upgraded with the release of the 2017 Ford Raptor. It has launched at the Detroit Motor Show at the beginning of February 2015 as a full replacement for the older model to life. The new Ford Raptor 2017 is not only faster but also more economical, better than even drive a much better truck for off-roading. 2017 Ford

  • Argumentative Essay: Is Factory Farming Wrong?

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    Factory farming Is Factory Farming wrong? Factory farms are places where huge amounts of livestock are raised for slaughter. The problem with factory faming is that the animals are confined to small spaces and terrible conditions which can have an adverse effects on the animals. That's why I think factory farming should be illegal. I think that's its wrong that we as humans exploit and abuse these animals so carelessly. Factory farming also causes problems for the environment and is overall unhealthy

  • Blume's Argumentative Essay: The Banning Of Books

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    Some books are becoming more and more popular in modern century, especially science fiction series. For example, Harry Potter is one of the most popular fictional books in the world. Harry Potter series started out in 1997, it was every kid’s fantasy. However, some parents consider these kinds of books as evil, and they think it would influence their children’s grade, and their mind. So they would try to ban those books that they think it is necessary to remove from school classrooms and public libraries

  • Argumentative Essay-The Native American Church

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    The Native American Church Native Americans Indians have been taking advantage of the mind-altering affects of the small spineless cactus called peyote for about 10,000 years. It is believed by those who practice peyote-religion to be the heart, soul, and memory of their creator, “dear-person” ( Although the Native American Church does not practice every aspect of Christianity, there is evidence that their faith is informed by the Holy Bible and that they believe in the One divine being

  • Argumentative Essay On Big Game Hunting

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    Big game hunting produces enormous profits, as well as ominous atrocities. In the United States, hunting has deep origins, dating back many centuries. However, typically hunting in America has always been largely related to the killing of wildlife for food consumption. Americans, as a whole, tend to not tolerate the killing of innocent wildlife for mirely sport or exhibition. Some people believe there is an immoral component to big game hunting in addition to an unlawful, and unjustified profitability

  • Argumentative Essay: Why Abortion Is Murder?

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    Natalie Snyder Leanne Hinkle English IV 6 February 2018 Abortion is Murder November 14, 1979, the temperature was fifteen degrees, a two pound baby was found in a field wrapped up in a dirty, old shirt. The umbilical cord still attached, and the baby was aborted twelve weeks prematurely. Little chance of survival, the baby was taken to a hospital. The little girl had surgery and other efforts to save her life. The baby was adopted by, Susan Morrison, the nurse who attended to her

  • Argumentative Essay On Genetically Modified Food

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    For years, the health and safety of genetically modified foods have been debated and researched by scientists, but the question still stands: should genetically modified foods be allowed for consumption? The process of genetic modification involves inserting a gene from bacteria or a virus into an organism where it would normally not be found. The purpose is to alter the genetic code in plants and animals to make them more productive or resistant to pests or farming techniques. Genetically modified

  • Argumentative Essay On Life After Death

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    The title says that there is life after death but what is our idea on death itself? In religious terms, when our body is separated with our spirit then that is death. But the common understanding about death is the permanent stop of all our organs which would no longer process. Legends also say that an old man holding a scythe has the power to destroy or end a person’s life, people call this old man as “The Grim Reaper.” But with all these ideas about death itself would you believe that there is

  • Argumentative Essay On Women Playing Sports

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    "I was not tired physically… No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in." (Parks) For many of years people have put women down when they tried to make a difference or tried to do something that was only meant for men. Women for the longest years have always been judged for certain things like and treated differently than in the eyes of men and even women. Even during the racism time the women seemed to have it a little worse than the men in slavery. During this time the men were outside working

  • Argumentative Essay On Daylight Saving Time

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    Daylight savings time was originally put in place April 30th, 1916 in Germany and Austria. Since then it has dominated America. Over the years there have been many studies about it’s effects and it has become a topic of controversy. DST has been studied through so many different sources that there are many conflicting ideas about it and some facts overlap and should cancel each other out. It was originally introduced by Benjamin Franklin to reduce the number of candles used by people waking early