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  • Individualism Vs. European Christianity

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    Shelley Li Ms. Cassell G Block 16 September 2015 History When people join together, they create society. When societies join together, they create history. The efforts of the people who orchestrate the course of events shapes not only our modern world, but the course of human history. But why is that, throughout history, certain societies were able to dominate the historical stage, and other societies go extinct? For example, Europe and China both had a “Golden Age”, but in the modern world, Europe

  • Comparing Mesopotamia And The Shang/Zhou Dynasty

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    A quote by Barbra Tuchman states, “Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.” This quote means without evidence of the past, there is no history. Without history there is nothing to look back on and compare to the present. This essay is basically going compare and contrast two civilizations, Mesopotamia and The Shang/Zhou Dynasty politically and socially. If you do not know what Mesopotamia

  • Art History: Coney Island

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    Throughout art history, events that stain the fabric of history influence a plethora amount of masterpieces, whether they are tragic disasters, natural events, political movements, or any life-changing experiences. Art has the capability to prevent or provoke emotions, and make unexperienced scenes come to life. In our fortunate museum trip experience, we were able to appreciate an event we (the youth) would have never had the chance to physically undergo. In our situation, this was the Coney Island’s

  • Everyday Use By Alice Walker Analysis

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    short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, the author expresses the significance of culture and heritage and the importance of it to be passed down to the next generation. The protagonist and the narrator of the story, Mrs. Johnson is an African American woman who lives in the south with one of her two daughters. The main character illustrates a strong loving mother who upholds her traditional black culture together

  • Luna Hall/Mcbride Museum

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    NMMI does have its history dating back from 1891 to present. The Academics section show how the past cadets dealt with the institute academically. Within this category, there are pictures displayed dating back to the 1970s such as cadets performing tasks with old equipment

  • My Ministry Research Paper

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    my own ministry. I think that the study of Christian history has much to offer to the praxis of the Church. In modern Christianity, the subject of Christian history is something that is often neglected or if it is addressed it is done mainly during new member enrollment. However, as mentioned in class “Christianity without history and passion is not Christianity” (Hoskin Lecture). I translate this to mean that if we fail to recognize the history of Christianity, then we fail to be Christians. It is

  • Justo Gonzalez: The Story Of Christianity

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    According to The author of “The story of Christianity” by Justo L. Gonzalez in his narrative of the future of shape of history. He agrees that history is complex with its ups and downs, its time of trials, and its times of glory. But as every history, it is an unfinished narrative, for us too, with our own confusion, our ups and downs, our time of trials and our time of glory are now becoming part of the story (Gonzalez. pg. 527-28). It is we who, from our own twenty-first century perspective, shape

  • Herodotus Keeping The Past Alive Summary

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    Herodotus: The Introduction to Keeping the Past Alive Herodotus, the writer of Greek history, otherwise known as “The Father of History” directly apprises about the Athenian and Persian expedition during the Persian Wars. Although Herodotus provides useful information, we find that he is frequently too credulous of what he is told, thus damaging his credibility for being considered a “good” historian. Nonetheless, there are times in which Herodotus distinguishes between the things he himself witnessed

  • Herodotus And Thucydides: Peloponnesian And Persian War

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    Greek historians credited for documenting history. Not only are Herodotus and Thucydides credited for writing the first accounts of ancient Greek history, but they each shaped the future of historical writing in there own unique ways. The Peloponnesian and Persian wars were both important conflicts that focused on independence. Herodotus earned the designation “The Father of History” because of the way he went beyond just storytelling in explaining history. He has been anointed as the world’s first

  • Wall Street Exploded Summary

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    Beverly Gage is a professor at Yale University and also a writer who wrote her first book called “The Day Wall Street Exploded: A Story of America in Its First Age of Terror.” She analyzes the bombing that occurred on Wall Street and how and what had caused this terrifying situation to occur. In addition to her book, Beverly Gage also has written numerous amounts of journals, and magazines, which have been published in The New York Times, The Nation, The Washington Post, etc. She is well known for