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Beverly Gage is a professor at Yale University and also a writer who wrote her first book called “The Day Wall Street Exploded: A Story of America in Its First Age of Terror.” She analyzes the bombing that occurred on Wall Street and how and what had caused this terrifying situation to occur. In addition to her book, Beverly Gage also has written numerous amounts of journals, and magazines, which have been published in The New York Times, The Nation, The Washington Post, etc. She is well known for her outstanding work. Also she has aired regularly on PBS news hour, and other programs. In her book, “The Day Wall Street Exploded: A story of America in its first age of terrorism” she emphasizes on every aspect of how it occurred including criminal…show more content…
Beverly Gage talks to us about J.P Morgan and his bank and about that morning of the event that took place. Now the story has build up with speculations on J.P Morgan and his bank. His bank was one of the well-known bank during that time. The bomb had exploded at lunch time, the after effects of the bomb was very crucial which tore the legs, hands, feet of many people who were walking in that area of Wall Street. Some people were beheaded, and going right to the ground. The intensity of the explosion caused the windows on the buildings all around Wall Street to explode and people that were either in there homes or offices were hit and were bleeding immensely and were injured while a couple of minutes earlier they were going about there work. Many people over the area of Wall Street started to panic and the horses also injured from the explosion. There was dust in the air and smoke and it was just a horrifying thing to see. Throughout the transition of the first two chapters, Gage grasps the reader’s attention from the hard working office of J.P Morgan’s bank to chaos, deaths and

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