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  • V-J Day In Times Square Picture Analysis

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    Everyone has seen the picture, reenacts the picture, but who really truly knows the real story behind it? The infamous picture “V-J Day in Times Square” by Alfred Eisenstaed in 1945 features a soldier kissing a nurse in the middle of Times Square. There are millions of pictures of people recreating the image, but the one that really caught my attention was of the famous singer Katy Perry onstage at her concert in Times Square in May 2012. The two images clearly portray what life was like at the

  • Art And Architecture, Safavid Empire, And The Ottoman Empire

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    Nowadays, people around the world witness various art and architecture whilst traveling. The facts and history of the art and architecture goes overlooked. A majority of people do not have a full grasp of the meaning behind certain images and buildings. Therefore, historians around the world are educating individuals so that the true meaning and background does not fade away overtime. It is in their best interest that people are well informed and that it continues to be passed down for generations

  • Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward

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    Mackenzie Turpen Dr. Acker Looking Backward Historical Sources of Looking Backward Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy consists of different genres such as science fiction and a utopian type novel, which reflects his version of a utopian society. However, as a historical analysis, it gives a depiction on what was taking place at the time when published, while also shaping our understanding of society during the author’s present time frame and even giving a mere glimpse of what the present day

  • Was Neil Postman's Notion Regarding The Disappearance Of Childhood

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    assignment will be discussing whether Postman’s notion regarding the disappearance of childhood was due to the emergence of digital technologies, in accordance to different arguments that will be reviewed throughout the essay. Neil Postman was an American author, media theorist and a cultural critic (Danesi, n.d.). He was considered to be one of the many popular figures to the general public for a book which was published about the impact television had on childhood. There will be opposing arguments

  • Herodotus And Thucydides Similarities

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    considered inferior by comparison. Both Thucydides and Herodotus discuss wars; Herodotus ‘The Histories” covers the Persian War wheresle Thucydides covers the “History of the Peloponnesian War”. This is where the similarities end as both works are significantly different in the topics that are discussed, narrative style and chronology. Similarities and differences between Herodotus and Thucydides’ histories have been the topic of much research,

  • A History Of The World In Six Glasses Summary

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    in 2006, Tom Standages’s book A History of the World in Six Glasses endeavors to use a timeline of drinks in order to link one of humanity’s greatest life source and it’s past. Standage’s thesis in the book A History of the World in Six Glasses is simply that these drinks or beverages are more than just a glass of liquid, but they tell a story in the way they were drunk, in whom they were given to, how they traveled, and most importantly, how they shaped history. His argument is clearly stated

  • How Were Their Decisions Significant To WWI?

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    U.S. Honors Pre-WWI Name:_____________________________ Score: ______ 40 Read Chapter 8. Do further research on databases and books. Your textbook is a resource but cannot be used as a cited source. You must have a Works Cited page. 1. Compare and contrast the foreign policies of

  • Billy Joel Leningrad Poem Meaning

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    First, an analysis of the song is that it shows the tension between Russians and Americans. An example of this from the song is the line “Blast those yellow reds to hell”, showing the hatred between the two nations and people. Next, another analysis from the song is that the Americans are paranoid with the red scare and war. An example of this is the line “Under their desks in an air raid rill”, showing that Americans at this time were paranoid of attacks from the Soviet Union. In addition, an analysis

  • How Do Books, Literacy And Education Affected American History

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    power does a book hold? While it is true that books can simply be described as pages of paper containing ink, the influence of the words in the stories of books is tremendously impactful. In fact, one theory as to what major influences affected American History that is often overlooked is the influence of books and literacy. Ever since the early colonies, reading and education have played important roles in different family households. They have even caused major debates about the significance of literacy

  • Gone Girl Film Analysis

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    their context in interpreting events in history. Concerns such as unreliable narrators, subjectivity in perception, media reality, and limitations of memory have been brought up and will be further discussed. In all the 3 films mentioned above, unreliable narrator