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  • Comparative Educational System

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    EDUC 616 Final paper Comparative analysis of two educational systems. Cases of Singapore and Finland. Lyazat Gapbassova 03.05.2015 Introduction Globalization is rapidly setting new and demanding challenges to individuals and societies alike, making the countries respond and adjust their systems to these challenges. This also refers to the educational settings, which constitute a separate conglomerate of trends and practices, making the countries compete and strive for the better education, thereby

  • The Importance Of Teaching In Teaching

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    For many years, students are just the receiver of a teachers’ knowledge. The students are the receiver while the teachers are their source of information. Resulting to the students being spoon-fed by the teachers and even student’s learning can’t be controlled by the students themselves. With the traditional teaching style that teachers use, the teachers and the students doesn’t have any interaction because the teachers are the one who is responsible for all the decisions with concern to the curriculum

  • Low Motivation To Learn English Language

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    Causes of Low Motivation to Learn English Language Elementary Students The cause of low motivation to learn English language elementary students is as follows. 1. The presumption that English is a complicated and difficult language. Most students consider English difficult and complicated, especially for beginners. If the submission of English material is less interesting, students will find it difficult to follow the learning from the teacher. 2. Students lack sympathy for teachers who teach English

  • Claude Monet Analysis

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    The impression on my work of Pierre Auguste Renior and Claude Monet’s strokes of fluidity and rich colours: Introduction: There have been a number of artists and artworks including different styles, techniques and concepts that I have drawn inspiration from over the years however, the two French Impressionist artists, Pierre Auguste Renior and Claude Monet, have had the greatest influence on my style, initial medium of paint, colour usage as well as my subject matter. Although I have turned from

  • Ethical Dilemmas In ICT

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    Her aunt, who works for a medical insurance company, approaches her one day to help her get the medical histories and other personal particulars of patients of the hospital who had died of a certain illness, so that her company can formulate a new insurance scheme for such patients. She explains that this will offer a better financial benefit than currently

  • Essay On Visual Literacy In The Classroom

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    Problems Encountered by Teachers Learning Materials and Facilities Basic learning materials' refers to textbooks, other reading materials, equipment and tools used for instruction. Today, the learning materials used to support teaching cover a wide range of media including audio-visual materials. Sheahan (2015) defines audiovisual materials as teaching tools that teachers use to complement their instruction, specifically in viewing lessons. Examples of audiovisual materials include movies,

  • Color Photography: The History And Evolution Of Photography

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    The Greek definition of the word photography is as follows, “painting with light”. Colour photography in started off with three very fundamental colours, red, blue and green. Over the years it has evolved since its discovery. Photography has become one of the most complex yet simple practices one could undertake. Photography can simply be defined as manipulating light to reach an aesthetically pleasing outcome in ones’ photograph. The first photograph was taken between the years 1926 and 1927, where

  • Sarojini Naidu's Role Of Women In National Life

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    She says to her sisters that it is not from the government or the co-operation of manhood they will get the force to wipe-off the stain from the history of their country but from the womanhood of India which is suffering from a wrong. She says she is hearing millions of her sons crying ‘let the womanhood of the country wake and work’. She was inspired by the rapid changes in European continent and

  • Pakistan Teacher Education

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    Abstract This paper is based on the comparative study of teacher qualification, licensing, certification, and continuing professional development in Pakistan and Japan with regard to elementary and secondary schooling. It investigates the professional development of teachers in both countries and points out the differences and the issues pertinent to the preparation of teacher and identifies the flaws and calls for comprehensive reforms. This study also provides an insight into teaching trends in

  • Resilience In South Africa

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    “The best of all the most beautiful creations in the world is an educated person.” - Epictetus. Many people view education as the key that is handed to a child to unlock the rest of his or her life. But educating a child is not a simple act of standing in front of the classroom and imparting knowledge. There are many issues which plague schools in South Africa. This essay will first expand on the culture of teaching and learning in schools in South Africa, as well as the reasons for its breakdown