Elementary Education Case Study

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2. Explain the social, cultural, political, and policy context surrounding the problem situation identified in above question. Answer: Policies National Policies on Education At the time of adoption of Constitution in 1950 the aim was to achieve the goal of Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) within the next ten years. The directive principles mentioned in Article 45 endeavored to provide free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of 14 fourteen years. Kothari Commission (1964-66) This commission had noted that there had been different structure of elementary education in different states and therefore proposed revised universal nomenclature for various stages of education National Policy for Education-…show more content…
● No child to be held back, expelled or required to pass a board examination until completion of elementary education. ● A child above six year of age who has not been admitted in any school or through admitted and could not complete his or her elementary education, can be admitted in a class appropriate to her or his age. ● Provide further that a child so admitted to elementary education shall be entitled to free education till completion of elementary education even after fourteen years. Social and Cultural The society have a less aware about the quality of education and it is like a fashion that majority of the children went to private school for their education. There are no awareness of any policies which are mention above in the policies of education in…show more content…
Parents are unaware of their children performance in their class. The involvement of the parents in the school are very little. But there is also a reason for that, majority of the parents have their own basic school education but not up to that qualification and at their time school were not function very well. So parents want their children to be better than them in the field of education, they know how to read and write but the understanding of the lesson or the theory are very complicated for them. Therefore the involvement of parents in the school at minimum

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