Education: Schools Kill Creativity

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Schools kill creativity Students that do not follow the standard education teachers and professors recommend will fail as a student and not become successful in their career. This is how most educational systems look at education as a way of how their students should learn. Standardization is what kills the creativity inside individuals that are on their way at becoming part of the industry. Education nowadays is all about gathering information, the students that are best at it rank higher according to our current system. Education should focus more on talents of individuals instead of how well they can make tests. Stimulating creative thinking should be a much higher priority as it can be used in almost everything; during work to be more…show more content…
Current day, most educational systems do not focus on students as a unique person; We separate people by age, it’s a very linear process, very focused on certain types of outcome. And standardized testing is, in a way, the grand example of the industrial method of education. It’s not there to identify what individuals can do. It’s there to look at things to which they conform.” Separating students and categorizing them primarily by their age is a very negative process, students should have the possibility to learn on their own pace and grow in their interests and capabilities. Allowing students to choose how fast they want to study is a better way, abandoning the class year system is one way to do it. Students should not only be assessed on their score on a test, but on what they have learned and how they have applied what they have…show more content…
Studying should not only be learning standardized topics that do not stimulate creative thinking. Students should be given problems to solve without too much help from the outside; the best way to address this is to enable students to find information where they want, textbooks in libraries are outdated and use standardized ways of teaching, not stimulating the creative problem solving. Creativity thrives in intellectually messy environments, where tasks are authentic and ill-defined, where students make decisions about what and how they learn, and where they collaborate with peers and others inside and outside the classroom.

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