Life In Modern Civilization

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Have you ever thought about how lucky you are to be living in the modern civilization? Have you ever wondered how life was back then? If you are curious, this essay will tell you a bit about it. When humans were not civilized yet, people live everyday by hunting and gathering food. Men went into the forest to find food for the family. They used tools that they made themselves. They sharpened the wood or stone to hunt. They could be attacked by wild animals while hunting for food in the forest or cave so it was very dangerous. They did not wear proper clothes like us now. They used leaves that they found to cover themselves. They lived in a man-made hut. It was very simple, made of leaves or branches that they could gather from around them.…show more content…
The first cities emerged near farming center. Some of the cities that we know now are Damascus and Syria. The second feature is organized government. One role of government is managing society’s resources so that people get those things they need to survive. And the established religion started when people worship the god or goddesses. Job specialization was a fourth feature that was common to civilizations. Most people in early civilizations were farmers. Social classes are groups of people that occupy different ranks or levels in society. There were farmers, merchants, skilled workers, also slaves. Slaves were the lowest. Public works was the sixth feature. Government built large-scale projects such as roads, water systems, city walls, and granaries where food was stored after harvesting. Arts and architecture was closely related to public works. Early people built and decorated magnificent temples, tombs, and palaces. They also developed other forms of art as well, like statues and paintings. And a very important feature was the system or writing. Forms of writing varied, from picture writing to symbols representing sounds and
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