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  • Short Story: The Wake And Eggs

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    My father always said, "Don't underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak, & notice more than you realize. Be unique and cultivate your morals. Be true to yourself and others around you.” His words and guidance pushed me to become a man of morals. I go throughout my day think I will become the greatest of all time. I looked up to the sky. The greatest rollercoaster was in my sight driving by in the passenger seat in California. He said to me, "Son, adrenaline is the greatest

  • Indian Student Achievement

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    American Indian students struggle with academic achievement because of poverty and racism. These two identifiers are just a few of the struggles that these children have to overcome. Early achievement gaps cause many American Indian students to disengage in their academics, underperform in the classroom and eventually drop out of school (Gentry & Fugate, 2012; National Center for Education Statistics, 2012). Teachers need to understand these achievement gaps and get on board with helping these students

  • Ernest Hemingway's Works In Albanian Literature Analysis

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    published in 1960 run an article titled: “Hemingway’s latest interviews on his life and literary creation”. The anonymous author of the article made an attempt to pick and choose some of Hemingway’s statements and opinions given to various European and American journals and magazines. The correspondent of “Art” Paris newspaper quotes Hemingway saying: “Writers should read, observe and keep silent”. According to the correspondent, Hemingway didn’t like to talk about himself. The correspondent informed

  • Black Lives Matter Speech

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    Zimmerman was arrested for the killing of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American teenager. The jury’s verdict: Not guilty of second degree murder and acquitted of manslaughter. Then in August of 2014 Michael Brown an 18 year old African American teenager was shot dead by a white police officer. The fact that both of these young men were unarmed and killed for no apparent reason did not set well with the black

  • Racism In Politics

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    analysis of the trends within the country. The trends could range from the economic to the social point of view. There has been a continuous decline of the social well being of the white Americans as evident from the census statistics. Further, the election of a non-white president is an indication of how the Americans themselves had became the minority in their own country. With less doubt, this is one of the reasons that could have led to Trump’s rigid sentiments about his strategies of making great

  • Essay On The Great Migration

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    Would you miss your old home, or would you be excited about a change? This happened to many African Americans during The Great Migration. The Great Migration was when many African Americans moved to the North, changing many things about the United States and their own lives. African Americans living in the South prior to The Great Migration lived very difficult lives. For example, “Most African Americans in the South still worked as farmers [After the Civil War], and few owned their own land. They were

  • Importance Of Camp Sumatanga

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    Camp Sumatanga, is my favorite place on earth. It is the only place here I can think about any and everything. It is a place where God can talk to me. Life seems easier, life here is happy. No worry, no hate, no stress. I deal with judgement. I feel that I have been judged by others, That I have to be someone I am not. But Camp Sumatanga is a place I can relax and not worry about what clothes I wear,and what my hair is like. I don’t worry about these things because, i know that God does not care

  • Detroit Riots

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    not, used to be seen as the epitome of the American dream. The birthplace of the automobile, Detroit was once an industrial powerhouse, the focal point of the automobile industry. Judging off of the present, it might be hard to believe this. The Detroit riots of 1967 sent the city in a downward spiral. The Detroit riots were directed toward the whites and blacks of Detroit. The riots started because people of Detroit, particularly the African-Americans, felt they were treated unfairly due to police

  • Disadvantages Of The American Revolution

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    going to be off balance and will make people want to revolutionize and change the system. Its human nature to want a change if they feel like their right are being violated. For instance the americans, french and some latin americans were forced to revolutionize their government for their own good. During the American Revolution, Britan, also know as the mother country began placing taxes on the thirteen colonies located in the new world. At the time Britan faced a huge debt due to the war and its only

  • Essay On Siamese Cats

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    Siamese cats are one of the most recognized breeds of cats that are popularly known in Asia. These cats are said to be loyal, smart and intelligent, very affectionate and talkative, sociable, cuddly and close to owners. They weigh between 6-10+ pounds and have a life expectancy of between 14-20 years. Siamese cats are recognized by their short-hair which is easy to groom, large ears, dark mark on the face area, triangular shaped heads and blue almond eyes just to mention but a few. They generally