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  • Importance Of Positioning In Advertising

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    1a) What is the positioning of the products shown in the advertisement? Are the product positioning for products shown in the two advertisements similar or different? Why do you think marketers have made them similar or different? You will need to discuss by applying the relevant positioning bases. (6 marks) Positioning is the act of emplacing the brand into target market’s minds and influences target market’s perceptions towards the brand (Fuchs and Diamantopoulos 2010, 1765). Hublot has applied

  • Women In Advertising

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    Nowadays, everyone usually watches TV or at least sees a few advertisements a day, in which people can observe women’s sexy body being used to sell products through promotion. Are women really being sexually objectified in advertisements? The answer is Yes. All should agree on this some advertisers and companies accept this and say that a woman’s body is used as products in order to sell. Even tough women are being objectified in adverts, people need to realize that women are humans just like men

  • Advertising In The Mass Media

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    2007). Advertising is a subset of the promotional mix, which is one of the 4P’s in the marketing mix product, price, place and promotion. In the promotional strategy advertising is a key tool in creating awareness of the product in the potential consumer to make a purchase decision. Advertising through all means of influence on the masses, but TV is one of the most powerful advertising medium because of

  • English Language In Advertising

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    Peculiar from Advertising The structure of English language in advertising of the Yemeni print media has a peculiar form. Many factors predispose the copywriter (i.e. one who writes advertisements) to choose his vocabulary. This, in some sense, implies that the copywriter does not have a free flow of lexical items. For example the copywriter puts into consideration the language variation as regards the target audience. He also ensures that his choice of language and content meets the four basic

  • Role Of Communication In Advertising

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    Furthermore the tendency of commercials getting shorter as consumers do not want their time to be wasted brings in an additional challenge. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges in advertising nowadays appears to be finding a right balance between emotional and cognitive approaches. As known from neuroscience, commercials (as any other types of communication) have different impact on brain depending on whether their content is more emotional

  • Message Strategy In Advertising

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    strategies, affective strategies and conative strategies. One article wrote by Evic, U. (2011) explained about advertising appeals can be broadly categorized into fear, sex, humor, music, rationality, emotions and scarcity. The seven appeals can recall in memory of consumer lead to positive attitudes. Clow, K.E. & Baack, D. (2007) stated an executional framework is the manner in which an advertising appeal is presented. It has eight frameworks following animation, slice-of-life, dramatization, testimonial

  • Advertising In The Perfume Industry

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    Research Background According to statistics, the annual global perfume sales revenue exceeded $28.95 billion in 2014 (Dion & Arnold, 2011). The Global Industry Analysts Inc. released a report on the fragrance and perfume industry, predicting that it would be worth $45.6 billion by 2018 (GIA, 2015). Also, numbers show that more than 90% of women wear perfume in order to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, or present themselves as trendsetters (GIA, 2015). Perfume is like a reflection

  • Falcon Advertising Case Study

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    Falcon Advertising is introducing a whole new idea of Booklet Advertising into the Printing Advertising market. This concept is to turn the traditional Magazine upside down by reversing the amount of content and advertising in Magazine. The percentage of ad pages in magazines has ranged between 45 percent and 51 percent over the past 10 years, according to Magazine Publishers of America. (Adweek, 2009) Falcon Advertising is crafting the Advertising Booklet into 70 percent advertising and 30 percent

  • The Pros And Cons Of Tobacco Advertising

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    it was excising its right to protect adolescents from acquiring a lethal habit. Those in favor of the ban felt the Indian Government was looking out for its citizen’s health or best interest. The government‘s of Belgium and France won tobacco advertising ban challenges in constitutional court back in the 80’s and 90’s based on the premise that they were protecting the public health not prohibiting the right to due business. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) tobacco related deaths

  • Calvin Klien's Underwear Advertising

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    Another iconic advertising campaign was Calvin Klien's underwear advertising on the 1980's. Undergarments as we know them now were first sold “to promote cleanliness and improve the comfort of wearing clothes.”( Oatman-Stanford, 2013). The fact that they might “one day be deemed fashionable was not even an after-thought.”(Oatman-Stanford, 2013). In the 19th century, men's underwear was closely linked with hygiene, associating the undergarments with athleticism. The idea of them having a sex appeal