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  • Gender In Advertising Research

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    Before we can focus on different types of advertisements (Print or Television), it is important to know about some of the fundamental techniques that is used by different advertising agencies when they design their advertisements. The most common & basic techniques that are used in advertisements include: association, beautiful people, intensity, flattery, humor, and extrapolation. Association technique is used by all the advertisements irrespective for the product or service, it is being prepared

  • Literature Review On Digital Advertising

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    share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual societies and networks. The histrionic growth of Internet advertising poses great tasks to the information retrieval community and calls for new technologies to be advanced. Online advertising is a speedily growing, multi-billion dollar business. In the past two decades it has grown at least an order of magnitude faster than advertising in other media. The social media agency regularly uses Digital Publishing Suite to develop specialty apps and

  • The Importance Of Tourism And Leisure Advertising

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    1.1.6 Tourism and leisure advertising Todays, tourism has become a multinational business of global importance. This of course is due to today‟s Worldwide Web, a new era in social interaction and culture solely built around this medium, triggered in [Moradkhani, 2014]. Tourism is one of the most profitable and lucrative industries, which create a bastion of economical (fiscal growth), private business, and human resources available to any country‟s economy, not mention the worldwide popularity of

  • Digital Billboard Advertising Case Study

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    Chapter 3.2 How digital billboard advertising with the moving image helps to create a better awareness Figure 8. The series of moving image advertisement These are the first case study to investigate on how digital billboard advertising with the moving image helps to create a better awareness compared to the paint billboard advertising. The pictures above are a series of digital billboard advertisement in Klang Valley. This series of advertisement shows the different image of Samsung Galaxy

  • Join The Club: Food Advertising, 1930 Children's Popular Culture

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    In the article, Join the Club: Food Advertising, 1930 Children’s Popular Culture, and Brand Socialization, Kyle Asquith from the University of Windsor highlights how food advertisers commercialize children’s 1930s popular culture to promote brand loyalty, through a series of case studies (Asquith, 2014, p. 17). Through the use of clubs, and special offers children became a great influence in product sales that were promoted by radio shows and comic strips. In the 1930s, children radio became

  • Essay On Outdoor Advertising

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    Outdoor Advertising Outdoor advertising is any advertising that publicizes business products and services, reaching consumers while they are outside the home. The history of outdoor advertising starts in the earliest civilizations, when Egyptians were employing tall obelisks to publicize laws. In 2013, outdoor advertising spending worldwide was approximately $34.3 billion, or 6.9% of worldwide advertising spending, and this number is increasing every year. Out Of Home (OOH) advertising targets

  • Essay On Jib Fowle's Fifteen Basic Appeals In Advertising

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    he discusses the fifteen emotional appeals that seem to be found in most ads today. While many people find advertisements to have its advantages that promote positive causes and beneficial products, they fail to realize the negative aspects of advertising that forces ideals upon themselves. While flipping

  • The Argument Of The Ban On Tobacco Advertising In India

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    1. The arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India includes the following:  That the ban was not unusual keeping in view the international precedent as countries like France, Finland and Norway had already imposed similar bans and that the state had the right to intervene in the overall interest of the citizen.  In 1991 French constitutional council declared that the French ban on advertising tobacco products was not unconstitutional as it was based on the need to protect public

  • How Does Advertising Cause Obesity

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    TV advertising will cause obesity among children. Singh et al. (2008) argues that TV viewing is an important factor of obesity. Children will expose to unhealthy food products such as food that high in fats, calories and sugar through TV advertising. They may demand for those food and influence their parents to buy it. The purpose of fast food advertising is to promote fast food to children and increase the purchasing power. Research shows that eighty-six percent of non-restaurant food and drinks

  • Dolce And Gabbana Advertising Analysis

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    10,000 ads a day, we have become used to the perfect image of a woman. In particular, Dolce & Gabbana sell their clothes while seemingly creating a shock factor, and alluding to the stereotypes of women. Stereotypes play an important role in advertising as they are what people have grown accustomed to and know that it sells. A stereotype we tend to see in how the male is always dominant and seems to be in a position of power. In a particular advert, the woman is shown leaning on the man, as if