Rhetoric In Advertising

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When searching for artifacts i came across this ad “Air Jordan VII Sneaker Bugs Bunny Ad” on youtube, at first i watched it for a purely entertainment reason but after watching i realized this is something someone who is a marketing director would come up. I'm` going into marketing and this is what i plan on doing as a career so this was the perfect artifact to break down. Tv ads do not need to take a serious tone when reaching out to their audience and this is exactly what is done in this ad. When looking at an ad like this at first you really look at it as a form of entertainment and not so much as an informative ad for a product. The marketing team at nike does a good job with creating memorable ads that get your attention and entertain…show more content…
The ad is very interesting while keeping our attention and showcasing nike's latest basketball shoe. It does what it is intended to do and that is to sell us the shoes, the ad was so effective that it has been used in both 1992 and 2015 to advertise the shoe. For the field and the type of advertisement done it was very professional and fitting. The use of rhetoric in the ad is also on point as they used what works for them and played off their strengths in the ad. They had a heavy focus on ethos because they were dealing with household names and when creating an ad like this it's very effective. The emotional appeal to the ad does not play as big of a role but is here to keep us interested and entertained in the ad. The logos would be the weakest link but when advertising something like shoes it is not needed to create a successful ad. They did a great job connecting to their target audience in the ad, and that's why i would recommend this ad to anyone who is in the market for a pair of shoes, or for someone who want to see what a marketing director/team would come up with. Overall a very well done Ad that is effective and markets the pair of jordans to the target market very

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