Stereotypes In Advertising Analysis

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Imagine you see a commercial and it points out your insecurities. Would you feel less of yourself? Although Federal Trade Commission regulate commercials, they're those that still slipped by. I supposed Federal Trade Commission take more precaution steps for regulation and people be aware of the commercials. Brands like DirecTV, McDonalds, and PETA slipped by FTC while using false claims, racial and sexist tactics. DirecTV uses celebrities to compare them to stereotypes. McDonald’s racial tactics are using stereotypes to appeal to one race. PETA use women and the stereotype of being overweight. DirecTV uses false claims in their commercials to sell their product. One of these “deceptive” schemes is a commercial of a celebrity being DirecTV showing the benefits and bad stereotype with cable showing the drawbacks. For example, the DirecTV commercial depicts Rob Lowe a famous American actor playing two characters. One character was the nice suited Rob Lowe who has DirecTV. The other character he plays…show more content…
Sexist campaigns are biased opinions based on sex. A PETA billboard says,” Save the whales, lose the blubber, go vegetarian.” Then there’s a picture of a woman who’s overweight at the beach. This billboard is implying that overweight woman look like a whale and the solution is for them to be a vegetarian. Also, this advertisement would make a woman feel insecure about her body. How can Peta really be that offensive? It seems Peta can care less for humans. Another example Van Heusen, a tie company, advertisement presents a happy man in bed with his hands behind his head. A smiling woman on her knees holding a breakfast plate that’s place on the man’s lap. The caption above said, “Show her its man’s world”. This advertisement is for men to buy Van Heusen ties to show their woman that’s it’s a man world and the woman are supposed to be happy with it. This is a sexist advertisement that degrades the

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