Budweiser Advertising Influence

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Advertisement seems to be running our society nowadays. We see ads everywhere we go. On the television, streets, mall, and just anywhere else we go. In some ways, these advertisements and commercials have seemed to dictate what we want in our lives. Whether it is about our looks, what we eat, what we wear, what we do, and where we go, etc. The goal of advertising is to influence people into buying a certain service or product. Major corporations will put millions of dollars into commercials during the major sport games such as the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, etc. In doing so, many companies are faced with complaints from the viewers due to some of the accusations of misleading information to the general public. Some may be offensive to a certain sex, race, age group, religion, etc. Over the years, commercials have gotten more and more creative. Beer commercials have become very creative in having an influence in our society. They may be comical and humorous, but have also been known to have offensive content, as well.…show more content…
This company was introduced in 1876 in St. Louis, Missouri. Since then, they have grown to become of the most popular beer brands in America, thus, respectively advertising them as the King of Beers. They have been known to incorporate comedy, intimacy, and more often than none provocative commercials. Budweiser uses their commercials more than just a marketing tool to promote people to drinking their beer. Budweiser focuses on its beers tastes and looks and wishes to incorporate their beer in our everyday lives. More people are drinking beer in our society, but the brands of beer have gotten more and more competitive. They wish to create a more diverse audience. In doing so, Budweiser has included world-class athletes, celebrities, and most recently cute, adorable, little

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