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  • How Does Eating Behaviours Influence Food Advertising

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    food advertising. In the country, children and adolescents watch TV for almost four and a half hours each day. During this time, children between the ages of 4 to 12 are exposed to up to a total of 40 minutes of advertising each day. Food advertising accounts for half of all advertising time in children’s TV programs. Children between 4 to 7 years see 10 food ads and those between 8 to 12 years see 15 food ads each day, or 5,400 ads each year.2 While some data indicate that food advertising to young

  • Literature Review On Digital Advertising

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    share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual societies and networks. The histrionic growth of Internet advertising poses great tasks to the information retrieval community and calls for new technologies to be advanced. Online advertising is a speedily growing, multi-billion dollar business. In the past two decades it has grown at least an order of magnitude faster than advertising in other media. The social media agency regularly uses Digital Publishing Suite to develop specialty apps and

  • Creativity In Advertising Research

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    supports the thesis that advertising requires creativity and should be regarded as an entertainment and art form. An in-depth look will be given into the various different persuasive and promotional functions of advertising, different perspectives of leading figures in the advertising industry, changing patterns in consumer behavior, the impact of digital technologies on media consumptions, advertising saturation and creativity as a gendered construct. To understand how advertising and creativity should

  • Gender In Advertising Research

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    Before we can focus on different types of advertisements (Print or Television), it is important to know about some of the fundamental techniques that is used by different advertising agencies when they design their advertisements. The most common & basic techniques that are used in advertisements include: association, beautiful people, intensity, flattery, humor, and extrapolation. Association technique is used by all the advertisements irrespective for the product or service, it is being prepared

  • Advertising Literature Review

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    topic “Factors influencing the success of advertising: A case study of Crown Paints Kenya Limited.”The primary motive behind this is to establish the factors influencing the success of advertising.It is a kind of detailed research.They indicate that advertisement messages and the style of execution affect the consumer behavior. Nowadays customers are more likely to associate with those advertisement brands which have emotional values and words. To make advertising efficient, it needs to blend well with

  • Sexual Appeal In Advertising

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    Sexual appeals are fairly common in mainstream consumer advertising (Soley & Reid, 1988). Since 1990’s, this catchy marketing strategy has become prevalent and it does not show sign of slowing down. Recently, there are more brands have adopted this strategy in their advertisement from the fashionable garments to fast food use some form of sexual imagery to promote their product. The level of sexual content can be ranged from nudity to sexual innuendos depending on the brand and who is the target

  • Digital Billboard Advertising Case Study

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    Chapter 3.2 How digital billboard advertising with the moving image helps to create a better awareness Figure 8. The series of moving image advertisement These are the first case study to investigate on how digital billboard advertising with the moving image helps to create a better awareness compared to the paint billboard advertising. The pictures above are a series of digital billboard advertisement in Klang Valley. This series of advertisement shows the different image of Samsung Galaxy

  • The Importance Of Tourism And Leisure Advertising

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    1.1.6 Tourism and leisure advertising Todays, tourism has become a multinational business of global importance. This of course is due to today‟s Worldwide Web, a new era in social interaction and culture solely built around this medium, triggered in [Moradkhani, 2014]. Tourism is one of the most profitable and lucrative industries, which create a bastion of economical (fiscal growth), private business, and human resources available to any country‟s economy, not mention the worldwide popularity of

  • Essay On Outdoor Advertising

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    Outdoor Advertising Outdoor advertising is any advertising that publicizes business products and services, reaching consumers while they are outside the home. The history of outdoor advertising starts in the earliest civilizations, when Egyptians were employing tall obelisks to publicize laws. In 2013, outdoor advertising spending worldwide was approximately $34.3 billion, or 6.9% of worldwide advertising spending, and this number is increasing every year. Out Of Home (OOH) advertising targets

  • The Argument Of The Ban On Tobacco Advertising In India

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    1. The arguments in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India includes the following:  That the ban was not unusual keeping in view the international precedent as countries like France, Finland and Norway had already imposed similar bans and that the state had the right to intervene in the overall interest of the citizen.  In 1991 French constitutional council declared that the French ban on advertising tobacco products was not unconstitutional as it was based on the need to protect public