Zombie In The Walking Dead

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“What is a zombie?” you may be asking from looking at the title. Well, a zombie is a fictional undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse. Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. The word “zombie” was said to have first appeared in English when a historian named Robert Southey wrote about it in his book “History of Brazil” which was around 1810 by the Oxford English Dictionary. When he wrote about zombies in his book he was not referring to the manlike flesh/brain eating monster that we most commonly know but more of a West African deity. A deity is a supernatural considered to be divine or sacred. The word later came to suggest the imperative, human force leaving the shell of a body, and at…show more content…
In The Walking Dead the zombies aren’t called zombies they are mostly referred to as “walkers” since they walk. The “walkers” are slow and not very intelligent except for a scene in season one where a zombie unzips a tent to eat a human. In World War Z the zombies are able to run. The virus in The Walking Dead is an airborne virus which means that everyone has it but it does not go into effect until you are dead. People thought that the bite is what makes you a zombie but the only thing the bite does is cause an infection which kills you and in turn, you become a zombie because of the virus you already had. There was only one case where somebody survived a zombie bite and it was because Rick (the main character) amputated the affected area. In World War Z the virus is actually spread by the bite from a zombie and you have twelve seconds till you turn into a zombie, the virus was said to have also started with a rabies-like disease. The only way to survive a zombie bite is if you amputate the bitten area, which could only be done if you are bit on your arm or leg. If a zombie bit you in the neck or back you are going to die since you can’t amputate that section and still survive. But the major difference between The Walking Dead and World War Z is that in World War Z the zombies pick out the healthy humans from the sick ones (i.e people who have cancer or any other…show more content…
It is a parasitic barnacle that latches on to the underside of crabs and makes them into mind-controlled surrogate mothers for their barnacle offspring. They actually do make crabs into mothers because the barnacle castrates male crabs, and all the natural energy that would have been used to reproduce is now directed toward making more of the Sacculina Carcin. The fifth one is the Cymothoa Exigua which latches on to the tongue of the rose snapper fish, sucks all of the blood from the tongue until it withers away and dies. When the tongue is gone the Cymothoa Exigua replaces the tongue, it eats and reproduces all while being the rose snapper fishes new tongue. The sixth one is the Parasitic Hairworm, its larva live in water and will latch onto the insides of the grasshopper and crickets when they stop for some water. This worm can grow up to three or four times the length of the host. Once the hairworm is fully grown it makes the grasshopper jump into the water and drowns, it then escapes the corpse of the grasshopper and lays its egg which will cause the cycle to start

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