Can You Survive A Walker Bite Analysis

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In the past several years Zombies have been on the rise. We see them in books, television shows, movies, games; they’re everywhere. But what exactly is it about zombies that interests our culture and that continues to holds our interest so much that we continue to go out to the movies to pay to watch yet another zombie film similar to the other of hundreds of ones that have already been made? According to Robert A. Delfino and Kyle Taylor this “obsession” we have with zombies comes from fear and “zombies, are a projection of some of our worst fears. They represent everything we don’t want to be” (51). So in reality it’s not just the zombies themselves that scare us, but rather what they actually represent. In the comic book The Walking Dead we learn about a group of people who are struggling to survive in a world that’s overrun by zombies. They’re constantly coming face to face with zombies and because of this they’re also constantly having to face the biggest fears that zombies represent which are our fear of diseases, fear of losing our…show more content…
This idea of not knowing what we face after death is what makes us fear it and in the comic we see characters worry about the idea of dying for this reason. In The Heart’s Desire we see Axel’s concern over what it would be like to die and turn into a walker. “I wonder what it felt like when they died. I wonder it was like to start turning into one of them—to come back. I wonder if it hurts. I bet it hurts real bad. That’s why they moan so much”. He also mentions how thoughts like these are always on his mind so we can conclude that he fears the thought of dying and the pain that might come with

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