The Importance Of Urbanization In China

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1.1 Current situation Along with the rapid economic development(figure), China has now become the world's second largest economy. The level of urbanization of China is highly elevated with the rural population rushing into the cities in the passing years. According to the statistics released by the national bureau of statistic(NBS), the urbanization rates of China in 1953,1964,1982,1990,200 and 2010 were 12.84%, 17.58%,20.43%, 25.84%, 35.39% and 49.68% respectively. In 2011, the urbanization rate exceeded 50% ;in 2016, it raised to 57.35% (Figure). In 2016, the urban population is 792.98 million people, an increase of 21.82 million compared with in 2015, and the rural resident population is 589.73 million people, a reduce of 13.77 million people…show more content…
At the beginning, this square had a political rally function, and later this function gradually fades, but still a lot of similar squares are built. This kind of squares are often empty and full of hard pavement. Also it lacks the space to stay, lack of trees and seats, plus exaggerated space scale gives it a very uncomfortable feeling, making the entire square space utilization is very…show more content…
Many of these villages that used to be cohesive nowadays many have lost their vitality, the traditional architecture gradually dilapidated, and the traditional culture is gradually disappearing. 1.2 The Necessity of Research 1. Demand With the development of the economy, people's demand for life of quality increased, the demand for comfortable public space is also increasing . In recent years, a phenomenon comes into notice that some of the elite people fled from big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Shenzhen to smaller cities. One reason is that the living environment has a lot of discomfort in those megalopolis. 2. Development trend Now China's economic growth rate began to slow down, and the country is gradually stepping into the industrial transition period, in which characteristics and soft power becomes very important. According to Western experience, exquisite urban design will be the trend of China's urban development in the following

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