American Gothic Principles

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The Walking Dead According to IMDb, The Walking Dead is the most popular tv series. Have you ever wondered if The Walking Dead was fit to be studied in school, or if it was considered American Literature? Well,The Walking Dead serves as a contemporary piece of American Literature because of its focuses on Gothic Principles. Although there is an entertaining part to the show, there are many American Literature principles used in the book and show The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead (book one) was published on October 8th, 2003 by Robert Kirkman. The first airing date of this show was on October 31, 2010 where Rick Grimes was a deputy Sheriff in his home town (Kentucky) where he was shot and put in a coma. He wakes up to find no one in the hospital. He leaves the hospital to find zombies and eventually finds two, Morgan and his Son. By the help of Morgan, Rick soon leaves his hometown in search for his wife Lori and son Carl in Atlanta “The safe side”. Rick is then attacked by zombies which leads him inside a tank, and eventually gets help. “There are zombies that come from the dead, houses that have been abandoned with dead bodies inside”. (The Walking Dead) This paraphrased quote gives a better understanding on how The Walking Dead includes some characteristics of the gothic principles.…show more content…
The Gothic principles which is “Often thought of as a subgenre of romantic literature gets its name from Gothic architecture” (Prezi) .Gothic principles flourished around the 19th century. A few purposes of Gothic literature is to create terror or to demonstrate the presence of the uncanny existing in the world that we know rationally through experience. Characters in these stories act from negative emotions such as fear, rage, and anger. Lastly the characteristics that are showed in Gothic Literature include events that are often violent and it has an atmosphere of gloom, terror, or

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