Walking Dead: The Role Of People In A Zombie Apocalypse

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Walking Dead Question one People in a zombie apocalypse are going to be facing profound psychological and emotional problems during the apocalypse: Grief, rage, lack of access to medication or drugs (legal or not), withdrawal symptoms, etc. What would be the best policies for a leader like Rick to handle such problems? Could a post-apocalyptic society even afford to deal with such issues? Compare this with how Rick actually handles such issues in the course of the novel. Introduction The zombie apocalypse is beyond human ability because it proves to have the power to destroy both the soul and the body. The resultant effect is so adverse that a normal human being will resemble the zombies themselves. It requires a strong willed individual to…show more content…
In relation to the novel, walking dead, this essay evaluates how Rick handles such stalemate as the de facto leader of the survivors. Favorable policies An apocalypse of the nature of zombies as indicates above is beyond the physical capability of a normal human being. One of the policies that a leader should have is that he should not succumb to the life of a zombie. When the apocalypse strikes and you happen to survive, it is advisable that you retain the same humane nature. In the novel, Rick is found among dead bodies and there are characters that even confuse him for being one of the zombies (Kirkman & Bonansinga, 2011). However, when he manages to wake up he rises and rushes to save his family. The implication here is that Rick still considers himself a responsible husband and father that is why he rushes back to the family. He does not conform to the Zombie life but he concentrates on maintaining his human life. He is not deterred with anything that resembles the powerful zombie nature. Given a leader in such a situation one is not supposed to indicate some instability in upholding the required human standards of

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