Torie Bosch's Article 'First, Eat All The Lawyers'

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Zombie Analysis Torie Bosch questions the current apocalyptic zombie craze in her article, “First, Eat All the Lawyers.” She argues that it attracts too much attention from the socially under-appreciated blue collar workers and calls it a “white-collar nightmare” (651). The necessary skills during a zombie apocalypse is read in further detail in the article and claims that the white-collar business men do not have the practical skills to survive one (652). Trying to understand the boom of this zombie fandom and how it came to be, she explains in her opinion that the economic state of this country in this time period is to blame (651). Bosch suspects in the opening statement of her last paragraph that this craze would die if the economy were…show more content…
The demand for escape from the real world increases as the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. It gives hopefulness on the less fortunate blue-collars where practical skills and logic is only needed (653). An example of this is shown in her article. A businessman makes money by talking on the phone, then he hires “peons” with the money that he has earned to do labor work for him. In return he can use more time to make more phone calls in order to make more money. It shows that the businessman has probably not worked a real day in his life. But in a zombie apocalypse ideal world, peons have the necessary skills to survive (652-53). The need to escape into a fantasy world for the blue collar working class is understandable through reading this…show more content…
As a spectator to the show Walking Dead, she mentions that the plot is slow and that the characters are flat. Bosch admits that the show is slow and not always well put together, but even so she still watches it. She herself has been pulled into the fan-base, but through this article she tries understand why it is popular as it is (651). Bocsh explains that in this kind of world, there would be no need for writers, bankers, or lawyers (652). Blue-collar workers would have the advantage in a zombie apocalypse. They would have all the necessary skills that were necessary in the previous world to help hold their own and survive in the new one (653). However, all of the white-collars never learned the practical skills to use in the die or live situation since they would of have had others to do their work for

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