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Mindless dead beings walking among the living is enough to send chills up the spine. What most people do not know about zombies is disturbing. The zombie, originated from West Africa, is a mindless, soulless, and dead-like being controlled by a bokor or sorcerer. Today, people take interest in the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse by televising and celebrating the zombie take over. While the idea of being or fighting a zombie at the end of the world might sound cool to some people, it is not as realistic and exciting as the media portrays it. Some people think zombies are created from human contact with a virus or disease, but the horrifying mythical history behind it shows that zombies are made through an African witchcraft ritual. The zombie, originally known as Zombi, originated in the 19th century from Haitian African religion, Vodou. Legend says that a sorcerer or bokor, conjures the dead and revives a body with spells and enchantments, creating a zombie. The body stays in a dead like state under the control of the bokor. The person has no consciousness or memory. Their soul is also…show more content…
The idea of a zombie has changed a lot since the 19th century. They are commonly portrayed as flesh-eating beings that prey on the living by eating their brains, organs, and limbs. They walk slow and creep the streets at night or can run very swiftly in the day. They are usually dressed in torn and dirty clothes, blood and guts, and sometimes missing limbs, but anyone can be turned into a zombie. Men, women, children, elderly and even celebrities can be zombified. There are also many dramatic events that are usually associated with the cause of zombies like mass viral infection, radiation exposure, and the end of the world. Despite the horrifying history and meaning of the zombie people continue to take interest in the

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