The Disaster In Leo Biederman's Story Of The Future

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A teenage amateur astronomer, Leo Biederman begins the story in 1998 by discovering an unusual object in the sky with his school’s astronomy club members during a stargazing event. His discovery had been informed by his teacher to an astronomer, who realized that the object is a comet, heading for a clash with the Earth. Unfortunately, the astronomer died in an accident when he was trying to alert the world about the upcoming disaster. One year later, a journalist Jenny Lerner investigates the sudden resignation of Secretary of the Treasury and his connection to “Ellie”, which is suspected as his mistress. After interviewing the secretary, Lerner realizes that Ellie is not a mistress but an acronym: “E.L.E”, which stands for “Extinction-Level Event”. President Tom Beck makes an announcement which states that the comet discovered by Leo a year ago is heading to the Earth, and it was large enough to cause a massive extinction which will possibly eliminate humanity if it reaches the Earth. Then, President Beck reveals that a team of astronauts, led by Oren Monash which includes a veteran astronaut Spurgeon Tanner are dispatched to divert the comet’s original path using nuclear weapons in a new spacecraft named Messiah. At the same time, Leo Biederman told his town about his discovery of the comet and how the White House mistakenly assumed he was killed along with the astronomer when he found his name been mentioned on television, and the comet…show more content…
Miserably, their plan is delayed and caught in outgassing explosions when sunlight hits the comet surface. Monash is blinded because he looked straight to the unfiltered sunlight and suffers through facial burns; some of his crew members faced distress and agony, which some lost their lives in the mission. When the bombs explode, the spacecraft is damaged from the explosion, resulting in loss of contact with

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