Why Do Zombie Stories Become Popular

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Why have zombie stories become popular? Zombie films, books, and games have become popular in the media during the last decades. The rises of media have given the zombie’s phenomenon more popularity than it was. It is reflecting the common fear that influences the audience from different aspects including the fear of death, and infection. There is no doubt that zombie’s stories are dominant themes of entertainment in all kinds of media, which brings the question to the mind, why do people enjoy zombie’s stories? What makes them speared among the people dramatically? George Carlin in his consumption said, “ Zombies are the perfect metaphor for culture itself. That it is dead, still shambling around looking for brains, and endlessly repeating…show more content…
I would argue that technology in general has played a major role in the popularity and success of zombies. For a long time, this media phenomenon pulled the rug out from under the other culture fads that did not become popular as zombie movies especially in western cultures that became supersaturated with these shambling creatures whether in comedy movies like “Shawn of the Dead”, or in horror like “ night of the living dead”, which is considered one of the earliest zombie movies that has a major role in zombie’s popularity up to these days. Zombie movies depend on the visual effects that considered as the primary theme of the story. They do not act or speak; it is only by their physical appearance that brings the fear for people. They keep moving even with being shot for several times. These thrill of their appearance and disappear, makes watching them over and over enjoyable, which is the same with playing their video games, or reading their

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