Cooties, By Jonathan Milott And Murnion

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Even though zombies are undead creatures that act mostly on instinct to eat and kill, are they at fault for killing humans. We humans are the ones who created zombies because it is programmed and all biological clock to reach higher standards of perfection. Why do humans beings so fascinated with the concept of the living-dead, when this possibility can only present a threat to the life and happiness of humans on earth? Zombies are considering being dumb, brainless monsters that go out and eat humans but is that true? Is this the idea of zombies? (Gimple 126). The word zombie made its way entity English dictionary in the 18th and 19th Century. From the 18th century ”nzumbe” which means ghost or spirit of in undead person and made it’s roots…show more content…
As time goes by zombies are be coming faster and more dangerous to humans. In the film Cooties, written by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion, we noticed the zombies are adapting. This film is about a mysterious chicken virus that is spread throughout the elementary school. Where the mist fit teachers must kill their infected students to survive (Cooties). In this comedy, adventure and horror movie, there are many twist and turns. The only children who cannot be transformed into infected zombies are the children who have not yet reached puberty, which was figured out by the biology teachers when the main character Clint played by Elijah Wood from the movie Lord Of The rings was scratched by an infected child and he didn’t turn but was sick (Cooties). Zombies are said to be dumb creatures that only eat flesh and cannot learn, write or speak but in Cooties, we noticed differently (Bishop 197). The zombie children call each other by a howl, as the little girl howled a swarm of zombie children came running toward and howling toward the teachers. In this film we see that zombies can talk, but not much they say simple words, there was a little cognitive processing between the zombies children, as the movie continues the zombie boy said, “Bitch” to Clint the main character than runs away (Cooties). As time move forward we notice zombies are gaining more knowledge, example, in the article Kyle Bishop from Cedar City wrote Raising The Dead. Bishop said, “Zobi a creole term brought from African to Haiti, which George A. (Bishop 199). Romero mentioned point by point as he wrote about his experience in his journal.” My industry Zombie Cinema is based on information from Romero’s work, that brings many of the zombies films that is created now. Over the years Zombie Cinema has created the zombie movies that we watched and love (Bishop

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