Zero Waste Management Case Study

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4.1 Practicing Zero Waste Management in Vellore, Tamil Nadu  Urbanization brings prosperity but at the same time creates environmental problems like pollution, accumulation of solid waste and poor sanitation. Use of tetrapacks, plastic plates, cups and bags, tin cans and similar throw-away items has increased in the last decade as has the amount of organic waste. In many Indian states, rural areas are fast catching up with urban areas in generating solid waste. Lack of proper waste collection, segregation and management systems and poor sanitary conditions in both urban and rural areas are aggravating health problems. In this context, solid waste management is an area of challenge and of innovation for urban planners and city corporations. Small and big pilots, with different degrees of sustainability and success, are operational in many parts of the country. A zero waste management (ZWM) project by NGO Exnora Green Cross and the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), initially piloted with UNICEF, in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district is an example of a successful solid waste management programme and its benefits. …show more content…
 This case study is about round the year production of vermi compost by reuse & recycling of cattle dung and cow dung slurry from Gaushla and Biogas plants and its successful management through a low cost technology at village Bhounti; promoted by Kanpur3 Gaushala Society (KGS), Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and is a good example of income generation from solid waste management by using a very low cost technology.  Main features:  Vermi composting involves the stabilization of cow dung through earthworms, which converts cow/cattle dung into worm castings. Vermi composting is the result of combined activity of microorganisms in cow dung and earthworms (Acenaphalida). Microbial decomposition of biodegradable organic matter occurs through these earthworms culture activities of primary

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