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After being used for thousands of years as a home remedy, no one knows for sure what all the benefits that are derived by the use of apple cider vinegar might be. Some benefits have been well-tested and studied and are generally accepted as viable. These include properties such as weight loss components, blood pressure regulation capabilities and ingredients that help sustain digestive help. That said, there are also a wide range of other benefits that have been discussed as being viable. One of these benefits is apple cider vinegar for kidney stones prevention. What Are Kidney Stones When minerals from food become highly concentrated in the urine, they tend to coagulate in the kidneys and become tiny hard masses that look like little crystals under a magnifying glass. These are called kidney stones. As long as they are small enough to pass through the urinary without causing obstruction, they create very few issues. When they get large enough, they can become lodged in the bladder tubing or the ureter. The result is intense pain felt in the lower back and groin areas. As the kidney stones attempt to continue moving through the urinary tract, they can cause bleeding into the urine, which tends to frighten many people. Possible treatments range from natural remedies for kidney…show more content…
Enhancing the Digestive Process - Aside from citric acid, there are other acids found in apple cider vinegar that are known to aid in the digestive process. The product has an alkalizing effect on your blood and urine, which helps to promote the secretion of hydrochloric acid by the liver and pancreas. The hydrochloric acid is responsible for breaking down food particles into enzymes that can be absorbed into the body. It also helps to break down waste particles to be disposed of through the urinary tract system. The more hydrochloric acid the digestive system has, the better it is at breaking down those waste particles small enough to prevent the accumulation of deposits in the

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