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CHAPTER-III ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: THE POLICY Environmental degradation affects national welfare by damaging human health, economic activities and ecosystems. Because environmental problems represent a classic externality,’ some government regulation is generally warranted. From an economist’s perspective, desirable regulation should weigh two factors: the benefits associated with reduced environmental damage, and the opportunity cost of mitigation. In reality, the extent and focus of government intervention will also reflect national political and institutional considerations. It is therefore in this context that evolving a sound environmental policy is a condition precedent to having a sustainable environmental management. Policy is concerned with identifying problems, setting out aims and objectives and designing strategies and action plans. Law acts as one of the vehicles to achieve the aims and objectives set by policy. The success of any environmental policy depends on changes in the behavior of producers and consumers. Environmental policy can try to bring about these changes by means of various instruments. We do not have any generally…show more content…
His main duty20 among others was to remove obstruc¬tions from the streets and to stop the commission of nuisance in public places. The instructions given to a newly appointed Muhtasib by the emperor Aurangzeb throws a flood of light on the functions of this officer: “In the bazaars and lanes observe if anyone, contrary to the regulations and customs, has screened off (abru) a part of the street, or closed the path or thrown dirt and sweepings on the road, or if anyone has seized the portion of the bazaar area reserved for public traffic and opened his shops there; you should in such cases urge them to remove the violation of regulations.”

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