Importance Of Value Stream In Construction

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I. INTRODUCTION Lean construction is a way to design production systems to minimize waste of materials, time and effort in order to generate the maximum possible amount of value .It is also a holistic design and delivery philosophy with an overarching aim of maximizing value to all stakeholders through systematic, synergistic and continuous improvements in the contractual arrangements, product design and method of selection, the supply chain and the workflow reliability of site operations. Lean construction much like current practice has the goal of better meeting customer needs while using less of everything. But unlike current practice, lean construction rests on production management principles, the “physics” of construction. The result…show more content…
Several construction workers were followed during the survey and detailed analysis has been mentioned below: 3.1 Value Stream: A value stream is all the actions, both value added and non value added, currently required to complete a product or service from beginning to end. Table3.1 Classification of activities by Value Stream Mapping NAME ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION Value adding activities (VA) It generates a positive return on the investment of resources and cannot be eliminated without impairing a process. Non value adding activities(NVA) It generates a zero or negative return on investment of resources and usually can be eliminated without impairing a process. Necessary waste The waste which is necessary for the activity and also generates zero return of the investment 3.2 Classification Of Activities Construct When a construction worker performs an activity that is value adding, e.g. pouring concrete or processing the material, the activity should be registered as construct. Material Handling Whenever material needed to be transported or moved in some way at the construction site it was registered as material…show more content…
Other It was used for administrative handlings and all the activities that did not match with the former described activities. Preparation It was used for those occasions when material or tools needed to be prepared in some way before the construction worker could use them. 3.3 Observations From Value Stream Mapping (Vsm) Studies: VSM studies have been conducted resulting in a number of observations. Several construction workers were followed during a whole day or a half day. The construction workers followed have been working with plumbing (three VSMs were made: Pipe1, Pipe2 and Pipe3), ventilation (one VSM was made: Vent1), drywalls (three VSMs were made: Wall1, Wall2 and Wall3), plastering of pillars (two VSMs were made: Brick1 and Brick2), welding (three VSMs were made: Weld1, Weld2 and Weld3), and electricity (one VSM was made: (Elec1) Fig 3.1 Results of individual VSM analysis at Adyar. The aim with the VSMs was to structure what kind of problems that might occur on a construction site and

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