Manufacturing Airplane Case Study

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QUESTION 1 1. What is the classic process followed in manufacturing airplanes? In which cases this process can be different? Five typical manufacturing processes (project, job shop, batch, line flow and continuous flow) have presented during the lean management course. An Airplane is the product of highly-efficient cooperation across the company’s global supply and manufacturing chains, as well as its decades of innovation for the air transport sector. This sections details how an airplane modern and efficient aircraft are built – covering the design and production of individual components, all the way to flight testing and delivery to customers. If we focus on the manufacturing airplanes, the classic process is a job shop manufacturing process. Job shops typically move on to different…show more content…
In the business environment would be “waste free”. Lean means deliver value from the customer’s perspective, eliminate waste and continuously improve the Company processes (quality, lead time and costs). The four principles of lean operating systems are elimination of waste, increased speed and responses, improved quality and reduced costs. For example, overproduction, waiting time, transportation, processing, inventory, motion and defects are wastes, and the company can eliminate these wastes. Concerning the increased of speed and responses, if the company wants to improve common goals, physical materials and information, the value chain will be more efficient. To improve quality, company’s value chain must strive for zero defects, eliminating sources of defects and errors. To reduce costs the Company has to focus on the factory (efficient equipment, preventive maintenance and smaller inventories) and the staff (simplifying processes, employee’s training and empowering of employee’s contribution). Could the Southwest Airlines system emulate within the leadership of self-managing agile and lean teams? I think

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